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Introducing AmTrav’s New Post-Trip Surveys

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One of the hardest tasks for a travel administrator or budget owner is to determine which trips are worth taking. Which trips are a great use of the traveler’s time and the company’s money -- the sale progressed or closed, the repair was made, the employee learned an important new skill -- and which aren’t? Also, does the choice of airline, hotel or even TMC impact how successful a trip is -- would the traveler get more accomplished with a bigger seat on the plane, a more convenient hotel or a more responsive travel advisor?

If you know the answers to these questions, you can help your travelers identify and take more high-productivity trips, and you can choose suppliers that best support their productivity. Sounds pretty great, right? In fact, AmTrav President Craig Fichtelberg recently laid out five ways to make business travel more productive (spoiler alert: measuring traveler satisfaction is one of them). 

In August AmTrav set out to solve this puzzle.

We start with a quick, simple four-question post-trip survey to travelers asking how productive their trip was, how pleased they were with their airline, hotel and/or car rental choices, and how helpful AmTrav was. 

AmTrav’s New Post-Trip Surveys

We then take those responses and put them right into the Travel Reports in AmTrav’s one connected platform. From there you can go into your Travel Reports to see which trips your travelers rate as highly productive and you can consider which airlines or hotels receive the highest satisfaction ratings from your own travelers when you select your suppliers. Granted the response volume is small right now as we get started, but you can already go into your AmTrav account and see this:
AmTrav’s New Post-Trip Surveys

AmTrav puts these responses together to share insights on what kind of trips are high-productivity, how to increase travel productivity, and ultimately to decide which high-satisfaction airlines, hotels and car companies we negotiate with to deliver you the best value. This also helps keep us honest, as a check to make sure travelers are satisfied with our service, plus we respond to any comments we receive. We’re in the early stages of collecting this feedback, but we’re excited to drive your travel productivity to new heights.
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