AmTrav and Emburse Make Expenses Easy

by Elliott McNamee, on June 23, 2021

Why are these expenses so hard? It’s 2021, shouldn’t we have figured this out by now?

These are the actual thoughts of thousands of employees every day struggling to complete expense reports. They think this as they search a website for receipts to add to expenses. They think this as they find and correct errors in pre-populated expense records. And they think this as they bug travelers to send over receipts so they can complete the travelers’ expense reports.

Shouldn’t we have figured this out by now? 

Great news: AmTrav and Emburse have figured this out and made preparing travel expenses easy.

This month AmTrav and Emburse launched automatic receipts, a new process that automatically creates expense records in your Emburse expense wallet any time you purchase travel or change a trip through AmTrav.

Did you book a flight, a seat and a prepaid hotel in AmTrav? Check your expense wallet, you will find complete, accurate expense records with receipts attached for that booking.

Did you change or cancel your flight? Good news, the expense record for that change or refund is automatically created so you don’t have to interpret and manually enter that data.

Do you complete expenses on behalf of other travelers, or expenses for a  central travel card? You can automatically receive those expenses in your expense wallet, no need to log into different accounts or bug travelers to send their receipts to you.

Best of all, are you responsible for reconciling payment and expense data? That’s easy now because your company’s travel expenses come from the AmTrav point of sale and match your credit card statements.

AmTrav+Emburse automatic receipts are available for every customer who uses AmTrav with an Emburse expense brand (Abacus, Certify, Chrome River, Nexonia and Tallie), saving your team time and your company money. Learn more about automatic receipts and contact AmTrav to get started today.



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