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How Can You Use AmTrav Gather?

How Can You Use AmTrav Gather?

AmTrav clients have used AmTrav Gather to quickly, easily plan travel for thousands of travelers, getting the policy & approval control they need while giving their travelers the choice they want. 

But exactly what types of trip can you plan with Gather? Let’s take a closer look the many types of trip that Gather helps with:

  • A software client planned a 25-person President’s Club sales incentive trip to the Caribbean, including plus-ones for each traveler (take us with you!).
  • An education industry client used Gather to coordinate 300-plus employee travelers’ itineraries to an corporate training session for salespeople.
  • Two event planning clients have used Gather to coordinate doctors’ and students’ travel to medical education sessions, ranging from 25 to 60 attendees per event.
  • Two other software companies have used Gather to gather employees on site for project travel, to plan travel to company meetings, and to plan job candidates’ travel to in-person interviews.

There’s no limit to how you can use Gather to invite your employees and guests to book their own flights, hotels and car rentals within the policies and parameters you set. 

How can you use Gather? Schedule a consult today, we’d love to help you set up your first Gather guest trip or meeting!