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Top 5 Things You Should Ask About a TMC’s Call Center Support

Top 5 Things You Should Ask About a TMC’s Call Center Support

When it comes to choosing the right business travel agency, not all are created equal. A business travel agency that works well for one company, may not necessarily be the right fit for yours. An agency’s call center is an integral piece of their customer service. So before you decide on the right agency for your business, be sure to ask the right questions.


When are they available?

If the answer is anything other than 24/7, move on. Traveling domestically or internationally, emergencies can (and do) occur outside of 9 to 5 hours. No matter the time of day, when something goes wrong, or even if you just have a question, you should be able to reach out for support.


Who will answer your call?

A 24/7 call center doesn’t mean much if the person answering the phone isn’t an industry expert. You rely on these people to help you and your company get the best deals and to handle any unanticipated problems that might come up. Make sure your agency call center is manned by professional agents who are trained specifically to help with any travel issues that may arise.


What can they help with?

Any agency call center worth their salt should be able to help with anything from resolving an online booking error to dealing with a canceled flight. If they’re not confident that they can handle whatever curveballs may come along, then they’re not the right agency for you. From the big problems to the little questions, your travel agency call center should be able to handle it all.


Are they available via text and web chat?

While it’s always nice to talk with an actual person over the phone, it’s not always possible. Maybe you’re in the middle of a crowded office or stuck on a noisy train or maybe you just don’t have time for a phone call. Whatever the reason, text or web chat can be a useful tool. Be certain that you and your employees have options when it comes to reaching out for support.


Where are they located?

Believe it or not, some business travel agencies outsource their customer service. These outsourced call centers sometimes support multiple agencies, which can lead to unnecessary frustration in already stressful situations. Having an in-house call center means that when you call, you’ll be speaking to a specialist who works for your agency, knows the industry, and most importantly, knows you.


By: Lindsey M.