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Many smart businesses work with a professional travel management company to save time, money, and take the hassle out of their corporate travel needs. But how do you know this company delivers the right solution for your business? Are they helping control travel costs, maximizing your productivity and growing your business? Ask these seven questions to determine whether your important investment is paying off.

ONE – Is your business travel agency tailored to your business?

A travel management company that uses the same cookie-cutter process for every client cannot serve your best interests. Your business is unique and a strategic partner should analyze your travel plans to accommodate your specific needs. Do they review your company’s travel spend to identify specific cost reduction opportunities?  Like everything else, one size does not fit all.

TWO Is your travel management company using the latest technology?

Online booking platforms are continually changing. Does your travel management company utilize the most advanced technology? Do they own and manage the platform? Are you able to access your bookings? If they’re using third party software, this could lead to problems if changes can’t be made quickly or without additional charges.

THREE – Are there pricing options available?

As your company grows, your travel spend may increase. Does your business travel agency have multiple pricing solutions to better serve your needs? AmTrav does.

FOUR –   Is their customer service responsive?

If your employees are stranded due to canceled or missed flights, is your travel management company available to accommodate them across the globe?  Is there a single point of contact that provides support by email or chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

FIVE – Is your travel management company customer focused?

Does your business travel agency understand the needs of their customer – the end user, your employee? Are they friendly and helpful? Is their online booking tool seamless and easy to use? How do your employees feel about their service? Ask them and you’ll get your answer.

SIX – Does their account management team understand your corporate culture?  

Do they understand your corporate travel policies and seek to enforce them so your travel spend stays within compliance? A pro-active account management team like those at AmTrav will have a handle on your culture and work with your business as a partner.

SEVEN – Is your travel management company an asset to your business?

Evaluate your business travel management return on investment every year and determine how effective your agency is in terms of cost savings.  They should provide your company with the tools to help analyze and manage travel data.

Does your current travel management company measure up? If not, consider switching to a company like AmTrav that works with you as a partner and helps drive your company’s success. AmTrav’s single focus is to take the hassle out of all your business travel needs.


By: Mira T.

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