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How to Perfect Your Hotel Experience

How to Perfect Your Hotel Experience

Frequent business travelers know that hotel experiences can vary widely from the pitch perfect to the downright dreadful. While it is true that some of the factors impacting the quality of your stay are beyond your control, there are other factors that savvy business travelers know how to affect directly.

Loyalty Pays

Most major hotel organizations offer some form of loyalty program. With each stay at one of their properties, you are able to earn points redeemable toward free nights or room upgrades. In addition, several hotels offer special reception areas and complimentary “happy hours” for loyalty program members. Among the most widely known hotel brands, Hilton Honors offers four levels of membership ranging from “Member” status to “Diamond.” “Member” status provides benefits such as a guaranteed room discounts, complimentary internet access, digital check-in, as well as late check-out when occupancy allows. On the other end of the spectrum, “Diamond” status provides the aforementioned benefits plus some add-ons like complimentary room upgrades, accelerated “bonus” points accumulation, free movie rentals and complimentary food and beverages. Marriott offers a similar loyalty rewards program with points that can be redeemed at Marriott, Starwood and Ritz-Carlton properties. Compare these for yourself at, http://www.marriott.com/rewards/rewards-program and http://hiltonhonors3.hilton.com/en/explore/benefits/index.html. Additionally, many credit card companies offer hotel perks as well. Compare some of the highest rated ones here, http://www.comparecards.com. We at AmTrav are also here to help you navigate your best hotel deals based on your awards and credit card programs.

Not a Loyalty Member?

So, maybe you haven’t done enough traveling to qualify for loyalty perks. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the same advantages as well – all you have to do is ask. Some of the perks that are “reserved” for loyalty members are also available to all guests who simply ask in advance. Do you want to extend your stay by securing an early check-in and late check-out? Most hotels will be happy to accommodate your request (or at least add a note in the system) if you make the request when securing your reservation, and if hotel occupancy allows for it. When checking in, don’t be afraid to ask if there is an opportunity for an upgrade to a better room or one in a better location. While you may not get the “Presidential Suite,” you may find that a room with a king-sized bed is available, as opposed to two doubles. While you’re at it, although your assigned room has a glorious view of the executives working in the high rise next door, there may be a better one overlooking a courtyard or pool. You simply won’t know unless you ask.

Speaking of asking, let’s say that you forgot to pack some of your essential toiletries. While many hotel guests will make a bee-line straight for the lobby shop to find what they need, a savvy traveler will first stop at the front desk to ask if they have complimentary items such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and the like. The answer will, more often than not, be a resounding and courteous “yes.”

Kindness Is A Form of Currency

With harried travel schedules and the sheer exhaustion that comes along with them, it is easy to forget that the person behind the hotel desk is just another person trying to do his or her level best; they are not heartless automatons, pre-programmed to make your life difficult. These front desk attendants have dealt with most every guest request and demand, including the escalated request to “see a manager.” Believe it or not, simple kindness and courtesy on your part can go a long way to not only improving their day but also making your stay more pleasant, as well. In many cases, these hotel front-line representatives have a certain amount of discretion in granting your requests, so it pays to remember the old adage, we “attract more bees with honey.”

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By: Denise D.