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Secrets To Selecting the Best Seats

Sometimes, choosing your seat for business travel can feel like a shot in the dark. Fortunately, if you do a little research — and have a bit of insider information — flying is likely to be a more comfortable affair.

The first place to start? Seat Guru. The site color-codes its best picks in green. You just need to enter the carrier name, flight number and date of travel. The site even explains why the seats are preferred. There’s also an app for Google Android and Apple iOS.

Of course, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to the best seats in the house. Read on to choose wisely.

Peace and quiet

Sitting in the front of the plane makes for easier, quicker exit. It’s also quieter than in the rear since these seats are further from the engines.

Fewer bumps in the “road”

Seats over the wings may not offer the best views. However, they do provide the smoothest ride. That’s helpful when you want to sleep. These seats also help reduce the impact of turbulence.

Extra space

“Bulkhead” seats — those at the front of economy, right before business class — typically offer more leg room. There’s a flipside, though: there’s a wall in front of you so you can’t stretch your legs under a seat. Depending on your persuasion, that could mean they’re less comfortable. It’s important to note that usually, the tray is in the armrest, so the seats may be narrower.

Exit rows

Generally speaking, exit rows offer more legroom. There may be downsides to consider, though, like whether the emergency door protrudes into legroom and whether or not the seats recline.

Always the aisle

Aisle seats are coveted for a reason, the main one being you’re not jammed against an airplane wall or sandwiched between two other travelers.

Whatever your preferences, in order to secure the best seats it’s best to book your flight as far in advance as possible. It’s all-but-impossible to find a good seat the day before flying. Therefore, planning ahead is your best bet, leaving you with a wider array of seats to choose from.


By: Jennifer O.

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