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The Business Traveler’s New Year’s Resolutions: 2018 Edition

In 2018, our wish for you is that your business travel life becomes less frenetic and more kinetic. To that end, here are five things to consider in reaping the potential joy of business travel for all of next year.

Get Smart About Your Luggage – It was only a matter of time before innovation caught up with the luggage world. From luggage that converts to a baby stroller to luggage that charges your phone, tablet or computer, weighs itself, and even tells you where it is via Bluetooth when the airline loses it, there’s never been a better time to invest in luggage that does so much more than simply contain a few business suits and toiletries. Smart luggage sells for from the low $200 range and up.

Get Smart About Your Fitness – Your overall health and fitness doesn’t have to suffer in 2018 just because you need to travel for your job. Learn from fitness subject matter experts Michael Mejia and Myatt Murphy’s second edition book “The Men’s Health Gym Bible,” which includes “Hundreds of Exercises for Weightlifting and Cardio,” plus “Everything You Need to Get the Most from Your Gym Membership.” Anyone who is seeking to improve their health and physical fitness will benefit from their informed advice, plus there’s always the handy digital edition to carry with you on your phone at the hotel workout facility. There’s also the smart phone app called “Workout,” which breaks down the muscle groups you want to work on, and actually teaches you about which machines to use, even showing demonstration videos teaching proper form.

Get Smart About Languages – Did you know learning a second language actually grows the size of your brain? Language learning increases the neural pathways between different regions of your brain, making you more intelligent and less likely to suffer from dementia or a degenerative brain disease. Other benefits include improved planning, prioritizing and decision making, better focus and concentration, improved intellect in math, reading and vocabulary, more flexibility in switching tasks and heightened creativity. You no longer have to invest in pricey programs. So why not make it a New Year’s resolution to learn a new language while you’re on the road? Here’s a link to 20 websites offering free programs that gamify second- language learning, making it more fun. They say 100 of the most commonly used words comprise 50% or our day-to-day conversations, so learning 100 core words—at a rate of just three per day–in a new language will make the challenge less daunting.

Get Smart About Long Distance Relationships – If you’re traveling regularly, even the closest marriage can quickly turn long-distance relationship. So how do you stay connected with your loved ones when your job frequently requires you to be in a galaxy far, far away? Facetime is your friend. Eat dinner together, facing each other. Watch your favorite TV shows together via the smart phone that you’d be watching if you were comfy at home on the couch. Check in with your children frequently to hear about their sports competitions, homework and saying “good night.” You won’t feel as disconnected when you walk through the front door from yet another long trip.

Get Smart About Having Fun – Make 2018 your year of enjoying the moment. From Yelp restaurant reviews to, go exploring and make the most of your time in a new city. You may scout places you’d like to return to for a family vacation, or for a corporate event you’re planning. If you’re interested in a specific hobby, go online to network, whether it’s joining fellow joggers on a morning run in Boston or seeing the latest Star Wars film with fellow fans in Austin.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, so make the most of it when you do business travel.

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By: Denise D.

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