8 Tips For Going Green While Traveling

by Cassie Sclafani, on May 1, 2018

Grappling with the logistics of green travel? Traveling green has never been easier, thanks to the collective, growing awareness of how we can all be better stewards of our resources and environment. From saving trees by using digital tickets on your smart phone to reusing the same hotel towel for several days in a row (and if we’re being honest, this isn’t a hardship — don’t we already do this at home?) there are many ways to be Kermit by road, by air and by sea.

1. Be a responsible jet setter. Taking a non-stop flight means using less fuel, which is the environmentally friendly way to go. Try and book one if it’s within policy.

2. Pack light. The less luggage weight, the less fuel burned on a flight. Pack a few business-appropriate pieces, hand-wash them as you shower, and let them dry overnight.

3. Stay at a Green Key hotel. There are more than 2,500 “Green Key” hotels in 53 countries offering environmentally responsible, sustainable accommodations. Here’s a link to help find one that’s right for you: http://greenkeyglobal.com

4. Bring a refillable water bottle. There are water filling stations at the airports in Europe once you go through customs. The Bobble water bottle has its own built-in filter in the cap, if you have concerns about the water.

5. Rent hybrid cars. A mid-sized car produces 15% less gas emissions than a conventional automobile.

6. Stay at a walking-friendly destination. When traveling for business you don’t get the luxury of asking your boss if you can head to say, Catalina Island in California, which is a bicycling and bi-pedal-friendly locale that eschews vehicles. Instead, work with your TMC to try and stay at a hotel nearest to where you’ll be doing business, so as to avoid using a car altogether.

7. Buy local. Buying locally made goods and eating locally-sourced foods is part of the fun of immersing yourself in your environment. (Just don’t buy too many locally made goods; this violates Rule #2 about packing light on the plane.)

8. Explore carbon offset programs. If you were forced to take a connecting flight and you’re lying awake at night feeling guilty, there are carbon offset programs where you can pay someone to plant trees on your behalf and alleviate your guilt. You will find business and individual options here: https://carbonfund.org.

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By: Denise D.

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