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Problem Solved: Managing Unused Airline Tickets

We all know far too well how unpredictable travel can be. You’ve probably been there before: stuck at the airport dealing with a delayed flight with a major business meeting to get to later that day. Thankfully your travel management company (TMC) is able to re-book you on another flight, allowing you to make your big meeting and avoiding a major career catastrophe. All is well in your world, but what ever happened to that unused ticket? Does your company just take it as a loss and move on? At AmTrav, we don’t let that happen.

Unused ticket management is an important part of travel management. As you know, when tickets go unused, the lost savings to your company is very real. Your company should not have to take a loss on an unused ticket due to circumstances out of their control. That’s where we come in.

With AmTrav’s Unused Ticket Alerts, your company’s travel admins, coordinators and travelers can be proactively reminded about unused tickets they may have forgotten about.

Once you opt-in to this feature, we will let you know that you have one or more unused air tickets that are expiring soon. And just like that, your company saves money. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions about unused ticket management or want to learn more about AmTrav’s Unused Ticket Alerts, feel free to reach out to us directly (your accounting department will thank you later).

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