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There was a time when business travel was something every traveler would dread. There were visions of long lines, crowds, cramped seats and people yelling at gate agents. But one thing I have noticed with our AmTrav employees is that they are actually eager to travel  – and that’s a good thing! I strongly believe that if your employees look forward to traveling for business your company will prosper. In-person meetings will ultimately lead to better relationships with your partners and continued overall growth.

So much has changed in business travel recently. There is TSA/CLEAR to get through security quicker, redesigned airline lounges, faster WiFi on planes, more seat options if you want more room, and instant access through live chat and direct phone lines if there are flight disruptions. Business travel is improving before our eyes, making business travelers and their companies much more productive.

Craig Fichtelberg
President, AmTrav Corporate Travel

Industry Trends You Should Know

*American Airlines partners with AmTrav for NDC launch
AmTrav is proud to be one of the partners with American Airlines for the newly implemented NDC program.

*United Airlines raises environmental awareness and paves new path for others to follow 
On June 5th, for World Environment Day, United Airlines scheduled an all green flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. The airline plans to reduce carbon waste to zero, use biofuel mixture and to “ease” carbon emission. Other airlines soon follow suit announcing changes for the environmental company policies.

*Frequent-flier miles and the issue of inheritance
Many airlines close deceased customer accounts with frequent-flier miles that can be worth thousands of dollars.There have been exceptions, though you have to create a compelling case, making the effort an inconvenience.

*British Airways faces $230 million fine over data breach
The convenience technology has created is unquestioning, but at what cost? Companies can use data sharing technology to access customer information to help improve business, but they risk violating privacy rights and financial punishment. It’s important to be knowledgeable and know your rights.

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Employee Spotlight: Jen Cosner

Jen has been with us at AmTrav for 22 years now! And it’s safe to say that with each of those twenty two years, AmTrav has been a stronger, better company. Jen makes an every day difference here at AmTrav – whether it’s helping a client solve a problem, assisting one of her team members, or making everyone in the office smile. Jen is a solid source of information and to say she’s an expert wouldn’t do her justice. We are incredibly lucky to have Jen with us at AmTrav. 

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Chicago, but grew up in Southern Missouri.

Favorite things to do outside the office?
Cuddlin’ with my Buzzy (my 16 year old dachshund) watching Netflix! Brunch with friends. Going swimming at my new gym!!

Where is your “happy place” in Chicago?
Michael’s Pizza. If you knew it, you’d understand! 

Secret talent?
I actually can cook, even though I never do!

Favorite part about working at AmTrav?The people – some of my best friends came from working at AmTrav We always have a fun way to approach work which makes for a great environment.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Assisting our clients when they reach out for help with difficult situations. Knowing that we made their day just a bit easier. 

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Keep your AAdvantage with AmTrav

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