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It’s Now Easier to Track Former Employees’ Unused Tickets

It’s Now Easier to Track Former Employees’ Unused Tickets

Last month in our post outlining three steps to save money with former employees’ unused tickets, step two was “Head to your AmTrav Unused Ticket Report to see which unused tickets belong to active and former employees.” We didn't love writing that step because we knew it was a manual process and we’re in the business of making things more automatic for you. So we set out to fix it and as of this week we’ve updated the Unused Ticket Report to make this step a little easier.

Now, once you’ve deleted the profiles for any former employees or travelers*, unused tickets belonging to them will show up in your Unused Ticket Report with Traveler Status “Inactive” so that you can quickly see which tickets belong to former employees and how much those tickets are worth.

We hope this saves you a little time and frees you up for other important work growing your business!

*Remember: you can delete traveler profiles - don’t worry, we’ll still keep and show you those travelers’ unused tickets.