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All About Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles for Business Program

All About Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles for Business Program

Delta offers a program called SkyMiles for Business (formerly SkyBonus) that rewards eligible companies and their travelers for booking business travel on Delta.com, the Delta app, with Delta Reservations, and through your corporate online booking tool (OBT) and travel management company (TMC).

In this guide, we'll teach you what you need to know about SkyMiles for Business, find out how you can sign up for SkyMiles for Business, and help you discover whether the program is right for you and your team.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What Delta SkyMiles for Business offers small businesses
  • The Benefits of Delta SkyMiles Business for your small business
  • How you can sign your company up for Delta SkyMiles for Business
  • How your employees can book flights with Delta SkyMiles for Business
  • The requirements for joining Delta SkyMiles for Business
  • Whether Delta SkyMiles for Business is right for your company

Understanding SkyMiles for business and Your Small Business Travel Program

What is SkyMIles for business?

SkyMiles for Business is Delta’s free-to-join corporate travel rewards program for small to medium-sized enterprises. SkyMiles for Business converts the dollars your company spends on eligible flights with Delta and Air France, KLM, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic or any other codeshare partners into miles. SkyMiles for Business rewards your company with miles for every dollar spent on business travel by verifiable employees and for all published fares. 

Within the program there are three tiers: Member, Plus and Elite. Member status is open to all U.S. and Canadian companies, the Plus tier requires you to have 5 employees with Delta spend of at least $5,000 a year, and the Elite tier requires 5 employees with a travel spend of at least $300,000 a year. Each membership level offers different benefits.

What are some of the benefits of skymiles for business for my small business?

  • Your team can book and manage Delta Air Lines tickets all in one place, including delta.com, the Delta app and through your OBT and TMC.
  • At the Pro tier, your business typically earns 2x miles for every dollar spent by employees on Delta bookings in the Main cabin (ATL, MSP, SLC and DTW earn 1x), and can earn up to 10x those miles depending on the cabin booked and departure airport. 
  • Miles earned in the SkyMiles for Business account do not expire.
  • Your company can earn miles on eligible purchased upgrades. For upgrades purchased prior to the 24-hour check-in window, your company will earn credit for the value of the upgrade and the original ticket will be updated to the new earning level (if applicable) after travel is complete. 

Whether your company manages travel through an OBT and TMC or primarily books with Delta directly, the program offers solid benefits on its own.

How skyMiles for business Works

How can I sign up for skymiles for business?

It’s easy to sign up for SkyMiles for Business. You or your travel agency can enroll your company by completing the online application. To be eligible, you must accept the terms and conditions of the program as well as agree to be enrolled in communications. Your company will be assigned a unique SkyMiles for Business account number to be used to track your company’s business travel on Delta® and eligible partner flights. Here’s how: 

  1. Register with your company details. You’ll need the legal business name, country (U.S. or Canada only), postal code, and U.S. federal tax ID or Canadian business number.
  2. Provide your own contact details and SkyMiles number. When you register, you become your account’s Primary Admin. You’ll administer the SkyMiles for Business account as the Company’s representative. 
  3. You can also choose a Secondary Admin to help maintain your business’s account and serve as backup. 
  4. You may also choose to have your travel agent manage your SkyMiles for Business account as a Secondary Admin. Travel agents are not permitted to serve as Primary Admin. You can assign this role to your designated travel agent via the SkyMiles for Business website. Any travel agent assigned as a Designated Travel Agent must be registered with ARC or IATA and with Delta Professional.
  5. Once you complete the enrollment process, your company will be assigned a unique SkyMiles for Business ID.
  6. You should then provide your company ID to your TMC/OBT to add to all tickets, and to enrolled employees. 
  7. Employees already enrolled in SkyMiles can add the business ID to their personal SkyMiles account by logging in and visiting the SkyMiles tab in the top navigation bar - Manage My Account -> My Profile -> Other Loyalty Programs (scroll down to Business Loyalty Program). If they are already enrolled in Delta’s Business Travel Hub then business travel is already automatically tracked.

How can I book flights with delta skymiles for business?

After providing your SkyMiles for Business ID to your TMC and OBT, your TMC and OBT should add your ID to every booking to automatically earn your company credit.

In order to book flights with SkyMiles for Business directly with Delta, your registered employees must add the SkyMiles for Business ID to their personal SkyMiles account. Once they do this, their business travel will be tracked when reservations are booked online at delta.com or via the Delta app when the Business tab is selected. Your company will start to earn extra miles as your business travel grows (at the Plus and Elite tiers).

When purchasing tickets on delta.com, travelers should select "My company is a SkyMiles for Business program member" on the Passenger Information page and enter your company´s SkyMiles for Business account number. 

Does my company qualify for skymiles for business?

Yes! Any small business can sign up for free as long as you meet this criteria:

  1. Is based in the United States or Canada
  2. Has a valid federal tax ID (U.S.) or business number (CA) (required at registration)
  3. Basic membership is open to any company that meets the criteria, but you begin earning miles at the Plus level with five registered employee travelers and at least $5,000 in qualifying Delta spend.

Is skymiles for Business right for my company?

Yes. SkyMiles for Business offers a clear upgrade compared to just booking on delta.com, through the Delta Air Lines app or your OBT and TMC because it provides miles, additional extra miles depending on the cabin booked and some travel management functionality for Delta Air Lines and their codeshare partner bookings when you utilize the Management Hub (only available at the Plus and Elite tiers). 

In addition, you can earn Delta SkyMiles for Business credit on OBT and TMC bookings, a complete travel management solution. That way you can connect booking, control and tracking for travel across all airlines, hotels and car rentals. That’s the robust flexibility and savings you get with a travel management platform like AmTrav.

Learn more about the benefits of AmTrav's one connected platform

See how AmTrav makes friction-free business travel a reality:

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How do AmTrav’s services compare to skymiles for business?

AmTrav is a complete software and service solution for managing your travel, offering the robust online tools and expert human service you need to book, control, measure and change all your travel – in one, centralized location. AmTrav clients’ employees love to use our powerful booking platform to book their flights, accommodation and car rentals - all in one place.

Get more from your airline small business programs 

AmTrav manages small business programs for our clients so they can focus on their business goals and maximize benefits. Discover how we can help. 



With AmTrav you will:

  • Automatically earn SkyMiles for Business credit on every qualifying Delta ticket (and qualifying Delta partners) – nice! Plus an expert, dedicated AmTrav Relationship manager who helps you set up, earn and get the most benefits from Skymiles for Business and all your corporate programs.
  • Book all your flights, hotels and car rentals in one place, with access to the lowest fares and one-click unused tickets to save an extra 6% on airfare. You can change your whole booking online at once, and of course travelers earn miles and loyalty points on every booking.
  • Set travel policies to guide bookers to find flights, hotels and car rentals that work for them and for the company, with optional pre-trip approvals. Also manage your user access and invite guests to book themselves.
  • Track your spending, your travelers’ locations, your policy compliance, your CO2 emissions and more with AmTrav’s 25+ reports 
  • Your travelers can count on expert assistance from AmTrav’s all-employee Travel Advisors who are ready to help 24x7.

Here’s the comparison in a chart:



Delta SkyMiles for Business


You can book

Book and change Delta Air Lines flights while earning SkyMiles for Business points, directly with Delta or through your OBT and TMC.

Book and change all airlines, hotels and car rentals online while earning credit on Delta and other suppliers.

Travel policy controls

Not available with Delta directly, can be applied through your TMC and OBT.

Advanced controls and pre-trip approvals on flights, hotels and car rentals.

Data reporting

Basic spend, booking and unused ticket tracking with Delta directly.

25+ reports to track spend, unused ticket, safety and more.

Manage your users

Yes, for Delta Air Lines direct bookings.

Manage employees and guests for all their bookings


Basic account support and Delta Air Lines call center

24x7 Travel Advisors and a dedicated Relationship Manager just for you


Bottom line

If your company is already booking on Delta Air Lines, SkyMiles for Business is a great upgrade to track your travel and earn extra miles. But if your company needs to book, control and see more than just Delta Air Lines tickets, book a consultation to learn how AmTrav can make managing your whole travel program easier.

Find out how AmTrav can help your business travel smarter

Schedule time to talk with one of our travel experts.

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