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Announcing Gather: The Guest Travel Planning Solution That Makes BOTH Arrangers and Guests Happy

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AmTrav, the one connected platform for business travel, announces Gather, the travel planning solution for today’s guest traveler. Gather enables travel arrangers to quickly invite guest travelers to book their own travel within set itinerary parameters and travel policies, giving arrangers the controls they need and guests the travel choice they want.

As business travelers return to the road amidst the COVID pandemic, guest travel remains a slow, labor-intensive pain for travel arrangers and guest travelers alike. Recruiters, administrative assistants and project managers have to fill in paper forms, repeatedly email and call their travel agency just to book a simple interviewee, relocation or contingent worker trip – taking hours away from their productive work. Guests are dragged through the same slow email and phone process, don’t get booked on the flights or hotels that they want, and don’t know who to call when they need to change plans or when their travel is disrupted.

With Gather, travel arrangers can configure guest trips for specific dates and destinations in just two minutes. Arrangers can set policy controls and require pre-trip approvals to help travelers find itineraries that work for themselves and the company, and can specify company cards to pay for guests’ travel and avoid reimbursement headaches. Arrangers don’t need to collect birthdates, loyalty numbers or anything else, they can invite guests to book themselves with just an email address. Because Gather is built into AmTrav’s one connected platform, arrangers don’t need a separate tool or login to arrange guest travel. Companies get full savings with their negotiated rates applied, and full visibility with real-time traveler location and travel spend data in their AmTrav reports.

Guests receive personalized invitations to book their own itineraries online in AmTrav’s award-winning a2b booking platform, can see the trip parameters and travel policies set by the arranger right in the itinerary results, and can pay with the company card selected by the arranger. Guests can input their own name and birthdate, and get all their miles and points by inputting their own loyalty numbers. Arrangers and guests don’t have to worry about 2 AM phone calls or extra fees when flights are canceled because guests get unlimited 24x7 help from AmTrav Travel Advisors at no extra charge.

“Booking guest travel has always been a pain in the ass,” said AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee. “Companies want to pay for non-employee trips on their corporate card and set reasonable parameters, but otherwise let the traveler pick their own itinerary. Coordinating these trips has historically required tons of calls or emails back and forth and a lot of wasted time for people who have more important jobs to do.” Klee added, “With Gather, we're replacing a big pain point with an easy and enjoyable solution that’s completely integrated into the AmTrav platform.”

Gather is available now to current AmTrav clients and to new customers. New clients can learn more and sign up for Gather at AmTrav.com, or save their seat for an upcoming webinar to see Gather in action.

To learn more about Gather and how it can help you and your company, reach out to a member of our team - we're ready to help!

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