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As Travel Demand Increases, So Do TSA Security Lines

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Travel is on the upswing, and as many travelers get back on the road they find themselves running into longer lines at security checkpoints across the country. Coming off over a year’s long pandemic, airport operations aren’t bouncing back quite as quickly as the desire to get back on the road.

Why the long lines?

The TSA is facing a nationwide officer shortage right now and is reportedly looking to hire over 6,000 new employees. This comes as travel demand increases to pre-pandemic levels. With the number of travelers passing through security checkpoints steadily increasing each week and TSA operations lagging behind, travelers are seeing some serious delays.

What can you do?

Enrolling in either TSA PreCheck or Clear is the best option for skipping those long lines and getting through security quickly. TSA PreCheck allows you to go through a separate, expedited security line where you don’t need to remove your shoes, belt, liquids, food, or jacket. CLEAR uses biometrics to quickly identify you, allowing you to head directly to the dedicated CLEAR Lane at security (be sure to double check that your airport supports CLEAR before signing up).

We also recommend checking the security wait times before heading to the airport. Just download the My TSA app and you’ll be able to check airport delays reported by other travelers in real time (and post your own!). 

Ultimately, you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time in case you run into any unexpected delays. Right now is as good a time as ever to take the age-old “dad advice” and get to the airport three hours before departure (no, really... cue the sound of dads everywhere rejoicing).

Travel has always been tinged with a hint of unpredictability, and it’s only amplified in the post-pandemic world. Should you run into any snags while on the road or have any questions for our team, feel free to reach out - we’re always ready to help!

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