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"Ask Me Anything" Part 3: Here's What You Missed

Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and Hertz joined us yesterday for Part 3 of our Ask Me Anything Series. They provided inside access to their new policies and procedures in place to keep your travelers safe and productive during Covid-19. Plus, they answered all of your questions about returning to travel.

In case you missed it, we wanted to highlight a few key takeaways from our discussion. For more, check out the video recording of the webinar.

Delta Airlines

  • The new Delta CareStandard focuses on keeping things clean, giving travelers more space, and offering safer services at every touch point during the travel journey. 
  • Before your flight, you will receive a pre-trip email with all of the information you need for your upcoming travel - including TSA allowances and regional travel restrictions.
  • Facemasks are 100% required for all employees and all customer-facing employees will have their temperature checked before reporting for work.
  • Extra masks and care kits will be available at check-in for all travelers should they need or want one.
  • All TSA employees will be wearing facemasks and there are alternating lanes that are taking place as you enter security.
  •  The Sky Club follows the same safety and sanitation guidelines and has limited capacity to facilitate social distancing. All food will be covered and wrapped.
  • The Fly Delta app will give all travelers a touchless experience throughout their entire travel journey.
  • Boarding will occur back to front and limited to groups of 10 at a time.
  • Middle seats have been blocked and boarding capacity has been reduced.
  • Name changes are provided free of charge for Preferred accounts. 
  • Membership status will be extended through January 2022.
  • There are currently no change fees.

Hilton Hotels

  • Hilton has partnered with Lysol, the Mayo Clinic, and others and have come up with Hilton CleanStay to keep travelers safe.
  • Contactless check-in available.
  • Lobby seating is spaced to facilitate social distancing.
  • Prior to Covid-19, cleaning used to take place at night. Now, cleaning takes place during the day (multiple times a day) so that travelers can see it and have peace of mind. 
  • When guests get to their room, there is a CleanStay seal on the door. This indicates to the guest that nobody has been in the room since it has been cleaned.
  • Inside each room, hospital-grade cleaning is taking place and is now augmented with Lysol products. 
  • There are ten hotspots that get a second cleaning in each room: tv remote, air conditioning unit, etc.
  • It is up to the guests if they want housekeeping cleaning during their stay.
  • There is no buffet right now, but food and beverage service is still there.
  • Contactless check-out is available.
  • Using the Hilton Honors app, guests can pick the room they want from a floor plan of their hotel, unlock their door via the app, and have their bill sent directly to the app for contactless check-out.
  • 95% of Hilton properties globally are open again and any property closures are accurately reflected in the GDS.
  • Every Honors member status is being maintained through 2021. Points will not expire during that period.
  • Fitness centers are currently open, but the number of people allowed inside is limited.
  • Pools and beaches are open but set up for social distancing.


  • All vehicles are fully sanitized upon return. Then, fully cleaned and sanitized again before being sealed.
  • Hertz currently has a 15-point cleaning process. They’ve always had a 12-point cleaning process, and have enhanced that with a CDC approved product that disinfects each vehicle within 20-25 seconds.
  • Travelers can join Gold Rewards - it does not cost anything. This allows a completely touchless experience at pick-up and return.
  • Masks are required for all employees and customers.
  • Member status and points will be extended through 2021.

If you have any questions for Delta, Hilton, or Hertz on what they are doing to keep travelers safe, let us know!

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