Jeff Klee

CEO & Co-Founder | Jeff is a self-described computer geek who developed and sold his first video game at the age of 13. In college, he and a buddy got a crash course in the intricacies of the airline business while planning their own backpacking trip and later decided to use that know-how to help others save money on air fares. What was first known as 1-800-Cheap-Air was founded out of a University of Michigan dorm room in 1989. When the company took off, Jeff ditched his law school plans for a far more exciting journey, combining two passions – travel and software development. was born, and soon after AmTrav for Business which together serve almost 400,000 travelers annually. Jeff grew up in Los Angeles. He still lives there with his wife, two young kids, and Golden Retriever, none of whom wants to be anywhere near him when the Dodgers are losing.

Letter from AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee

This letter from AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee was sent to AmTrav customers.

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Amid Growing Pains, A Reminder Why We’re Still All-In on NDC

Jeff Klee | August 14, 2023
This is an adapted version of a guest-post that was originally published by The Beat.


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This Op-Ed first appeared April 8, 2019 on The Company Dime.

In his recent post, “On The...

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“New Distribution Capability” (NDC) is an airline initiative to modernize the way airline tickets...