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Clients Recover $300K in United Airlines Unused Ticket Value (and Counting!)

by Elliott McNamee, on November 11, 2021

Travel administrators work with AmTrav to help them get the full value of their business travel by reducing obstacles, complexity and cost so their team can focus on growing their business.

One way AmTrav helps save money is by making it one-click easy to redeem unused ticket credits to save money on new trips -- over 20% of business trips change or get canceled, don’t waste that value! 

But what if you could just get that money back on your unused tickets?

Well, earlier this year United Airlines offered to refund unused tickets issued by travel management companies like AmTrav, allowing companies to save money by getting their money back really fast. This is a big deal!

That kicked off a multi-month, multi-step process at AmTrav to help clients get their refunds. The United refund offer is a little complicated, so we set out to reduce that complexity for clients:

Step one: Explain the offer in a Knowledge Base article to help clients understand the key details of it. This way clients can make fully-informed decisions, recognizing and avoiding potential problems as they consider the refund offer. For example, United will only send refunds back to the original form of payment, so if your travelers pay for travel using personal cards and you’ve already reimbursed them, you’ll need a way to get that reimbursement back if you refunded these tickets!

Step two: We tested our refund offer messaging and explanation by offering the refunds to a dozen select clients. Several said “yes please,” which was great. But even better, we improved the Knowledge Base article and refunds offer email based on their responses and questions.

Step three: Back to the drawing board. One of the key asks from clients was simple -- “how much can I get back?” So we teamed up with AmTrav’s analytics team to apply United’s refund rules to our unused tickets data, removing any ineligible tickets and estimating the refund penalty so we could confidently say, for example, “you can refund these 10 tickets for $5,000 net of United’s penalty.”

Step four: Having developed, tested and improved our explanation to clients, it’s go time! For the past month-plus we’ve sent clients the refund offer email, personalized with their company’s eligible refund amount, and processed their refunds.

So what about the results? Our clients love this refund offer. Over two-thirds of clients have said “yes please!” and collectively refunded over $300,000 in unused United tickets (and counting!). We’re thrilled. This refund process isn’t easy for us, but we jump at any opportunity to make our clients' lives easier and reduce the cost of their business travel.

At AmTrav we are ready to help: you are supported when and where you need it -- we’ve got your back. Whether that’s helping you escape a canceled flight at midnight or getting your money back on unused tickets, we’re always looking for opportunities to drive your travel productivity.

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