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How AmTrav helps you get the most from your SMB programs

How AmTrav helps you get the most from your SMB programs

If you’re a Travel Administrator  for your company, chances are you wear a lot of hats. Booking and managing travel for your team is a critical – but time-consuming! – job function. You might even be juggling multiple airlines, hotel and rental car company loyalty programs, keeping track of each small business program (SMB) individually. 

The main upside to this approach is cost savings, you’re not paying anything. But you might be missing benefits and spending more time than you should. Amtrav can help.

managing smb programs on your own - The Facts

The best argument for a small business to manage SMBs on your own is that it’s free. But managing program access for your team quickly gets costly in other ways. You have to set up all your SMB accounts yourself with each airline, hotel and car rental company. Then you have to rely on team members (busy people with their own important jobs!) to log in and book their trips correctly on a variety of different websites and apps to see savings. Or you’re booking for them, juggling a different SMB program and login for each part of their trip, and double the work when trips change.

Finally, you’re on your own to figure out how to redeem your hard-earned SMB program credits. Yes, you can reach out to your suppliers for account support, but you might find that their definition of “help” doesn’t line up with yours. 

Working with amTrav - how we help with smb programs

One of the first things AmTrav does for you and your SMB program strategy is help get you signed up. We’ll get your entire team signed up and earning points so you can focus on your business objectives. We’ll start the conversation with suppliers, and work with you to offer guidance and uncover which programs work best for your organization. This way you maximize your savings and qualify for more perks faster. 

Second, AmTrav makes it easy for your whole team to earn SMB points. Whenever you or your travelers book in AmTrav, we automatically add your SMB program to your booking so you earn credit – done! No need for you or your travelers to remember different logins on different sites, no special codes to add, it’s all automatic with all your airline, hotel and car rental bookings in one spot.

AmTrav flight booking tool screenshot

Finally, your dedicated AmTrav Relationship Manager will help you manage your SMB programs and redeem your credits for maximum savings. What’s your goal? Upgrades for the CEO, big savings on fares, or refunds on unused tickets? Your RM will help you identify your goals, use your SMB program credits to reach those goals, and make sure you get the credit for those perks and savings!

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real-life examples of amtrav helping you make the most of your smb programs

Every AmTrav client has an AmTrav Relationship Manager, who delights in helping you make the most of your programs. RM Kyle Harrison manages about 35 programs for his roster of clients, 30 of those are with the airlines. Here are a few examples of how he’s helped real clients receive tangible benefits:

  • Even though the airlines often require significant spend before big perks kick in, Kyle can leverage his airline friends and start laying the groundwork for future benefits and deeper discounts. Effectively, this puts you on the airline’s radar and in some instances can expedite your qualification for discounts and perks.
  • Once he starts to develop a relationship with a client and begins to learn what you need, Kyle will proactively source engagements with suppliers that are tailored to your needs. We take this burden off of you, and leverage our longstanding relationships with suppliers to get you direct discounts, especially with hotel and car suppliers.
  • Kyle can help you steer your team members to the airlines who will offer you the most bang for your buck while you grow your business. Southwest with their Rapid Rewards Business program is an example of an airline that takes care of smaller clients.
  • Maybe you have a C-Suite team member who’d like to get an upgrade on a particular flight? Kyle can see what points you’ve got available on which airlines and make sure you’re optimizing for these situations.

two more big money-saving benefits of amtrav

There’s a couple of other ways working with AmTrav can help save you time and money: tracking and redeeming unused tickets, and implementing travel policy. 

We help manage, track and redeem your team’s unused tickets. It’s a lot of extra work to keep track of airfare credits, and not a lot of companies do it well. AmTrav makes it easy for you to see the credits you have available, and you save 10% with our easy, one-click redemption process

We can also help you implement cost-saving travel policy for travelers booking themselves. Your Relationship Manager can help you set rate limits and guide travelers to the itineraries and airlines where your company gets the most savings, so you don’t leave money on the table.

Travel policy in AmTrav

Reach out if you’d like to hear more. We have over 1,000 happy customers who have come to rely on our business travel booking software and personalized service.

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About AmTrav: Through one simple technology and services platform, AmTrav helps travelers be more productive and connected, empowering companies and their people to go places, meet people and grow further. AmTrav customers enjoy integrated travel booking, travel spend reporting, traveler tracking, and 24x7 expert human support, reducing obstacles, complexity and cost so they get the full value of their business travel. Learn more or reach out for a one-on-one consultation today.

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