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How Amtrav Can Help, Even When You Book on Other Sites

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When your company books travel through an AmTrav channel (e.g. a2b, chat, calling one of our travel advisors), you get certain benefits: we’ll apply your company loyalty programs and discounts; you’ll be able to see your booking in your portal with the rest of your company’s bookings; we can help if you need to make changes; and the details of your trip will be included in your company reports and real-time traveler tracking.

But we know that sometimes, for various reasons, you don’t book hotels through an AmTrav channel. Whether that’s because you're attending a conference (wishful thinking right now) and can only get the conference rate through the conference website, or any other reason, you might book a room directly with the hotel or through an online travel agency. For those circumstances, we want to remind you that we have a solution to capture the off-channel booking and still provide at least some of our benefits which are especially important during these times.

It’s an easy process. After you make your booking and you receive a confirmation from the booking site, you simply forward that confirmation to trips@AmTrav.com. Our system will receive the email, parse the details, and either add the hotel to an existing air booking if we find one that overlaps, or create a new booking for it. You’ll be able to see the booking under My Trips and it will be included in your company Travel Reports and Tracking & Safety dashboards so you won’t have any data gaps. If you subsequently need help with your booking or need to make changes, you can also contact an AmTrav travel advisor like always, through phone, chat, or email, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

There are a few limitations you should be aware of. While we will capture the details of the booking you make, because it’s booked outside of our system, we won’t be able to automatically keep it in sync. This means that if you change or cancel it on your own, you’d have to re-send the updated confirmation to trips@AmTrav.com so we can update it. Also, since the reservation will have already been booked by the time we learn of it, we won’t be able to apply travel policies, corporate discounts, or send it through an approval flow if any of those apply for your company. 

As your team members get back to traveling during COVID, taking advantage of our off-channel booking capture can help you keep track of them and help keep them safe. Our team is always here to help, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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