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This is a story from our colleague Elliott McNamee, who recently used AmTrav to book his personal travel. With AmTrav, you can book personal trips, too, to take advantage of AmTrav flight, hotel and car discounts; pay with your own credit card (not your company’s card!); and get help from our support team as needed — all without any added fees. It’s easy: just toggle the button at the top from “Business” to “Personal” and you're good to go.

Earlier this year, before COVID-19 and before all social interaction moved to Zoom meetings, I used AmTrav's personal travel feature to book my travel to my sister's May wedding in Washington DC. I like using AmTrav for my own personal travel because it gives me access to exclusive AmTrav discounts — more than a hundred dollars saved on our Miami Beach snowbird trip last December! — and because I like to use the booking tool I work on every day at work.

Personal Service for Personal Travel

Fast forward a few months and my sister’s May Washington DC wedding is postponed, but I still have several hundred dollars' worth of plane tickets for a trip to DC that I can't use.

Fortunately, beyond the discounts that I get from using our booking tool, I also get AmTrav’s 24/7 support team. While airlines have hours-long phone hold queues, the AmTrav team was here to help me. Today when I got an email telling me that my DC flight was retimed by several hours, our advisor Kathy quickly followed up to secure me a 100% refund from the airline. Hooray! 

While I'm disappointed that my sister's wedding was delayed, I'm very grateful that Kathy and the support team were ready to help me. We're focused on staying safe and keeping our social distance, but once we've gotten past this I can't wait to get back to weddings, beaches and more —booked through AmTrav.

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That feeling when AmTrav saves the author and his family hundreds on their Miami Beach trip (pre-COVID)!

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