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Supporting Business Travelers: How to Turn Your Travel Program Into an Employee Retention Tool

Supporting Business Travelers: How to Turn Your Travel Program Into an Employee Retention Tool

Corporate travel programs are becoming more streamlined and user-friendly as employers recognize the importance of convenience. Planning a business trip can be cumbersome and time-consuming, so companies are looking at ways to make it easier for their employees. By focusing on convenience, they can reduce frustration and help their employees save time, making them feel empowered. 

This empowerment serves as a unique retention tool, but there’s plenty to consider before benefits can be realized. 

Reducing Costs is Not Enough

Cost reduction has always been an important factor in corporate travel programs, but too often, companies focus solely on this element and compromise convenience. 

I know what you’re thinking, “so, what? Work isn’t convenient.” And while that’s true, the topic of discussion here is retention, and employees, especially traveling ones, value convenience. 

Employees shouldn’t have to wade through complicated policies just to book a flight or hotel room; the process should be straightforward and easy. It’s important for employers to remember that overly complicated corporate travel policies cost employees more time as they try to make sense of all the minutiae. 

This kind of experience is all too common and contributes significantly to burnout. 

The more resistance/friction you can eliminate from the process, the more you can trust it’s being done to standard and the happier your employees are. There are a few elements that can streamline your program.

Automation is Key

One way to streamline the process is by automating post-trip activities such as expense reports, approvals, and reimbursements. This will make it easier for business travelers since they won’t have to worry about dealing with paperwork when they return from their trip. 

Additionally, apps are now available that allow users to track expenses on the go and create trip briefs quickly and easily—saving them even more time when they return home. 

But not only that, this type of app support can help you increase visibility into your policy and spending, offering greater control and insights.

Establishing Guidelines

Finally, companies must set rules and guidelines (above and beyond just cost) that help define clear boundaries around corporate travel programs. This will prevent wasted time from confusion over what is allowed within each program. Companies should also provide regular training sessions for employees who use the program so that everyone is aware of the latest changes or updates that have been made. 

That requires a strong internal communication strategy to put into place. Of course, every company should have one of these regardless of size, but if you don’t, now would be an excellent time to consider it alongside your travel program.

How to Create a Stress-Free Business Traveler Experience

Whether it’s for an important meeting, a conference, or for leisure, business travel can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right tools. A travel management system is one of those tools that can help streamline the process and make business trips more enjoyable and stress-free. In this post, we’ll discuss creating a stress-free business traveler experience and the benefits of using a travel management system. 

Utilizing travel management software can help you automate and keep track of every detail related to your business trips. It simplifies the booking process by allowing you to find and book flights, hotels, rental cars, etc., all in one place. You can also take advantage of features such as live pricing notifications that alert you when prices go up or down. This will ensure that you get the best deals available. 

Another way to provide stress-free business trips is to have an organized communication plan when policies change, or updates need to be sent out. You should have established protocols on how to share information with employees regarding different types of changes they may encounter while traveling (e.g., changes in airline policies). Ensure that these protocols are communicated clearly and consistently so that there are no surprises during their travels. 

It’s also important to recognize that stress-free business travel is viewed as an employee perk that will boost employee productivity and retention rates in the long run. Having a streamlined and well-organized process will make your employees feel appreciated, which can lead them to stay longer with your company.

The Benefits of Defining Your Corporate Travel Policy

Blog Introduction: For many years, corporate travel policies have been complex and restrictive. Employees often felt that their freedom of choice was limited by the policy’s nit-picking restrictions. But what if there was a way to define boundaries while still giving employees more freedom? That’s where a well-defined corporate travel policy comes in.

How A Corporate Travel Policy Can Offer More Freedom

When you clearly define boundaries for your corporate travel policy, you are essentially giving employees more certainty and freedom of choice. With specific guidelines and expectations laid out, employees can customize their corporate travel experience according to their preferences once they understand definite policies. This also helps travel managers because of increased policy compliance

But remember that the corporate travel policy doesn’t have to be super complicated to achieve its intended purpose. It can be better for employee retention if they don’t have to wade through yards of red tape or pages of a policy book just to get the answers they need about their trip. Complicated and fussy policies can increase non-compliance and employee attrition due to the additional undue burden.

The Benefits of Developing Support Systems for Business Travelers

Regarding business travel, having the right support systems in place is essential for keeping your travelers safe and reducing your risk management burden. An effective and responsive corporate traveler program that provides necessary support services can help you protect your employees no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

Establish an Escalation Plan

It’s important to consider how best to handle emergency situations before they arise. Setting up an escalation plan helps ensure that someone is always available to help during a crisis while avoiding confusion and miscommunication. Knowing who to contact in case of an emergency, what steps to be taken, and who should be notified can make all the difference in how quickly a problem is resolved.

Managed Travel Services

Access to managed travel services can provide much-needed peace of mind when sending employees on business trips. Services like rental car services and last-minute flights can be arranged quickly and with minimal effort from the corporate traveler program. This allows your employees to focus on the task instead of worrying about making travel arrangements.  In addition, managed travel services offer around-the-clock support no matter where your travelers are or what time it is there.

And AmTrav isn't just any managed travel service. We're fanatical about providing our clients with a single one-connected platform to handle all their travel needs, without sacrificing the service that a traditional, old-school TMC can provide. 

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