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The UK is Ending COVID Testing For Fully Vaccinated Travelers

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In a little bit of good news for business travelers, England and Scotland will no longer require vaccinated travelers to take a COVID test after arriving in either country. Plus, if you’re vaccinated you won’t need to worry about any pre-flight testing requirements. This change will go into effect on February 11th.

There are some changes for the unvaccinated as well. Unvaccinated travelers will no longer have to take a COVID test on day eight of their trip or self isolate upon arrival. But they will need to take a test on day two and take a pre-departure test.

It’s also worth noting that arriving travelers to England and Scotland, regardless of vaccination status, will need to fill out a passenger locator form prior to arrival. 

The rest of the UK is expected to make similar changes in the coming days. So if you’re planning a business trip to the UK, your planning just got a little bit easier. As the world learns to live with COVID as a part of everyday life, we expect to see other countries follow suit. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if they do. In the meantime, if you’re ready to book a business trip to the UK and need some help, let us know - our team is ready to help!

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