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There’s an Answer for That: Introducing the AmTrav Knowledge Base

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We’ve all been there: trying to remember how something works and feeling frustrated because we can’t figure it out. If it’s AmTrav, maybe it’s remembering how to update your credit card or find an invoice -- you’ve done it before, but you just can’t recall how!

(Or maybe it’s been a while since you logged into AmTrav because you and your team haven’t traveled much in the last year -- we miss you!)

Now you don’t have to chat with a Travel Advisor or call your Relationship Manager for answers (though you can -- they’re always ready to help!), you can check the AmTrav Knowledge Base. With one click all AmTrav users -- Administrators, Coordinators and Travelers -- can find:

  • Quick & easy answers: use the search tool or check a topic to find answers to booking questions, travel policy questions, and account configuration questions.
  • Onboarding help: if you’re just getting started with AmTrav or increasing your AmTrav usage, you have step-by-step instructions to add users, configure policy and more.
  • New user training: introducing a colleague to AmTrav? They can get up to speed on AmTrav from booking to policy in minutes.
Check out the Knowledge Base now:

Knowledge BaseFinally, we love feedback. At the bottom of each article is a “Share feedback” link -- if we didn’t answer your question, or the information can be improved, please let us know! We are ready to help and to improve, and you are the most qualified to tell us how!

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