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Three Things we Learned from Soundings+AmTrav 2023 Meetings Outlook

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Three Things we Learned from Soundings+AmTrav 2023 Meetings Outlook Webinar

AmTrav was thrilled to be joined by Soundings CEO Tracy Judge, 2021 Eventex Top 100 Most Influential People and 2022 Connect Corporate Magazine 40 under 40 awardee. Tracy shared what she’s learned at Soundings and from a fall full of global events about the state of meetings. 

Missed the webinar? Catch the replay here!

Meetings are back, in-person and digital. Great meeting planners are using the technology and experience they learned during COVID-era virtual events to create great in-person and digital experience. This means, for example, pre-event webinars to create excitement and prepare attendees for the event. Likewise recording education sessions so attendees can review them later – not just the keynote, but specialized sessions and content too. 

The meetings talent crunch is real, but solutions are available. One big factor in the 25% increase in per-attendee meeting cost from 2019 to 2022 (with an additional 7% increase in 2023) is the shortage of capable meetings professionals – half of meetings professionals who quit left the industry altogether. But! Many are still available, 25% who quit decided to become independent because they liked the freedom that they found working independently and remotely during the pandemic. Women and minorities are particularly likely to take that path and are now available to contract or hire on a freelance basis.

Agile talent solves everyone’s needs. Enter agile talent solutions. Given the many skills needed in modern meetings management – meeting planners, digital meeting managers, digital platform managers, broadcast engineers, tech support and more – staffing a meetings team is incredibly time-consuming and expensive, a huge commitment. On the other hand, hiring freelance or contract talent from Soundings network of 1,800 experienced independent professionals is fast and easy. 

Learn more about Soundings and implement an agile talent strategy today!

Again thank you to Tracy and our attendees for joining today!

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