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Track Your Travelers in Real Time With AmTrav and Journera

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If you use the AmTrav Traveler Locator Report regularly, you know it gives you an accurate view of your travelers’ itineraries in AmTrav’s one connected platform: scheduled flight departure and arrival times, check-in and check-out times, car rental pick ups and drop offs. 

But what if it told you more? If the Traveler Locator Report told you when your travelers boarded their flights, checked in safely to their hotels, or boarded their flights home, you’d have additional peace of mind knowing that they were successfully navigating their trips.

Today we took a big step towards enabling you to see more as Journera announced that AmTrav is the first corporate travel management company to connect to Journera’s travel data platform

As AmTrav CEO Jeff said, “I spend a huge portion of my life trying to plug data gaps, so any time a company like Journera comes along which can open up blind spots along the customer journey, I'm interested. When I first saw the list of the potential data points that they can deliver, I was like a kid in a candy store trying to pick just one or two use cases for a pilot.”

This connection gives AmTrav Administrators and Coordinators exact data about their travelers’ trip progress directly in the Traveler Locator Report, including the latest flight and hotel booking status and notifications when a traveler has checked in, boarded, or checked out.

We’re integrating this Journera data into our Traveler Locator Report right now -- we’ll let you know as soon as the integration is done. And we have more planned with Journera down the road; we can’t wait to share it with you.

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