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Webinar Recording: Not Another NDC Webinar

Webinar Recording: Not Another NDC Webinar

AmTrav takes buyers' pressing NDC questions and shares our unique NDC experience on "Not Another NDC Webinar" featuring CEO Jeff Klee, Chief Sales Officer Susan Altman and Product Marketing Director Elliott McNamee.


AmTrav is one of very few corporate travel providers (OBTs, TMCs) actually connected to American Airlines' NDC technology, actually able to shop, sell and service American's lowest fares, actually collecting a robust sample of data on NDC vs. non-NDC fare differences.

We're also committed to radical honesty: we tell it like it is, we hear it how it is, give honest feedback because we know that if we are true, we build trust with customers and each other. So we hosted Not Another NDC Webinar: no slides (OK, just one), no tortured analogies, just straight answers to your questions, in hopes that you leave this webinar with a better understanding of NDC than when you joined.

To help you navigate the recording, here are the questions we took by timestamp:

3:28 What is NDC?

4:06 Why is American Airlines implementing NDC to sell and service flights and fares?

4:50 What’s the difference between NDC and the previous distribution tech (EDIFACT), pros and cons, and can you explain with more detail and examples?

8:25 What is EDIFACT?

8:56 What are the benefits of NDC for corporate travel programs with travel policies?

9:31 What impact will NDC have on business travel while we wait for TMCs to be ready? What’s happening with American’s NDC fare changes?

10:24 American NDC fare data & discussion.

12:16 Are companies paying more since April because of American’s fare changes?

14:07 Poll: how often are your travelers finding lower fares?

15:18 How do we track unused tickets? How does NDC support duty of care? How does NDC fit into travel policy?

16:21 What’s the most important issue with NDC for customers?

17:55 How can corporate travel programs control NDC costs and benefit from NDC?

20:10 How and when will American allow EDIFACT tickets to be applied to NDC bookings?

21:44 What will NDC cost buyers? (Blog post here)

23:40 Are American price differences and NDC benefits enough to convince travel buyers to switch OBT and TMC providers?

25:20 How has mid-office scripting adapted to support NDC? Thanks to Cory Garner for this one.

27:38 GDS vs. direct: once OBTs and TMCs are connected to NDC, will there be differences between NDC content via GDS compared to content available on airlines’ websites or NDC direct connects?

30:26 How well are companies adapting to NDC, how well are TMCs adapting, will more airlines implement NDC technology?

31:50 What gaps exist in NDC post-ticketing servicing?

34:46 Why can’t airlines agree on one NDC standard and data standard as we’ve seen with IATA?

37:07 What is the expectation for other booking tools like Concur to be NDC capable, that seems like the biggest roadblock to NDC adoption.

39:20 How will NDC work alongside hotels and cars in the GDS?

41:22 How many airlines does it make sense for AmTrav to direct connect with?

42:53 Who is resisting NDC adoption? (From Jay at the Company Dime – subscription recommended!)

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