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What It's Like to Get a Rapid Covid Test at Oakland Airport

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Current as of March 4, 2021

Oakland International Airport (OAK) is offering free rapid Covid-19 tests to airport employees and travelers. In fact, they recently put vending machines that dispense Covid tests in each terminal. Here’s what you can expect if you are interested in getting a Covid test from this location: 

  • The testing site is located about two miles from the airport at its North Field terminal complex - 9070 Earhart Road.
  • Testing is available by appointment only, daily from 9am to 5pm.
  • Travelers can make an appointment at the testing center through CityHealth’s website.
  • Results come back in 15 minutes, but officials recommend travelers get tested at least one day before their flight to leave time for any necessary changes should they test positive.
  • Test results are shared either on the spot or online via the CityHealth Urgent Care secure portal.
  • All Covid testing at this location is free of charge.
  • Vending machine Covid tests:
    • Available for $149.
    • The cost of the test can be submitted to your insurance company later for possible reimbursement.
    • There is a machine in each of the two terminals.
    • Test results are not immediate.
    • Travelers will need to take the kit home, conduct their at-home test, and then FedEx the kit back. 

Officials for Oakland Airport have emphasized the importance of reducing the spread of Covid-19 for both travelers and employees. To that end, they have partnered with CityHealth to provide free testing for everyone. According to OAK, “under the CARES Act and through a partnership with commercial health insurance carriers, government payers and the Department of Health and Human Services CityHealth proudly offers COVID-19 testing to all free of charge.”

For more information about business travel safety you can read more about business travel and COVID-19 on AmTrav’s blog.

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