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Finding the Most Reliable Flights this Winter

Finding the Most Reliable Flights this Winter

The leaves have fallen off the trees, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes have come and gone, it’s almost time for a well-earned year-end holiday break with family (we hope – wishing you the best!) – and it’s time to brave winter business travel.

The goal of winter business travel is to Not. Get. Stuck. No Chicago blizzards, Newark snow storms or Dallas ice storms that leave you trapped in an airport or drab hotel room waiting days to get home.

Sure enough, there are clear patterns where some cities are more reliable to visit or connect in than others:

Portion of flights disrupted by city winter 21-22

Because AmTrav exists to bring people together face-to-face – and getting together face-to-face is tough if your flight gets canceled! — we dove into data from 1.7 million flights from winter 2021-2022* to share essential booking advice on picking the most reliable itineraries:

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Feel free to share this insight with your team to help them travel successfully this winter, and encourage them to book with AmTrav so that if travel plans go sideways they get 24x7 expert support from AmTrav Travel Advisors – we’re ready to help!

Happy holidays and safe travels!

*About the data: this report is based on Department of Transportation flight reliability data from December 2021, January and February 2022 covering more than 1.7 million flights operated by US carriers within the United States.