How can I add or invite a new user to our a2b account?

Add new Travelers, Coordinators and Administrators to your AmTrav account in four easy steps.

Note: this article covers manually adding individual users. To upload more than a couple new users at a time, it's easier to add users in batches, see the "How to batch upload users" article (link here).

To add each individual new user:

Step 1: Click on My Team on the left side of your a2b dashboard.


Step 2: On the right side of the page, click on Send Invitation or Add New User


Step 3: if you're inviting a new user enter that user's email address and the policy to which you want them assigned. (Note that if the email address is assigned to an existing user profile, you will receive an error message.) If you're inviting multiple users, enter each email address then click ENTER (no other punctuation between email addresses -- no spaces, no commas, no semicolons), they will all be assigned to the selected travel policy. Click Send to send the invite to the new traveler and they can complete their signup, you will get a notification email when the new traveler has accessed their new profile (in case you need to return to set their Employee ID fields, etc.).

Add new user - Send invitation box

Step 4: If you're adding a new user, enter the details for the new user, required fields are First Name, Last Name and Gender. If you'd like to give this user login access please enter their work email address and a temporary password (they can login and change the password themselves). If you're setting up a profile for someone who won't login (e.g. someone for whom you book regularly, but they won't book themselves), you can enter their email address but not a password and they won't have login access. If you're setting up a profile for a temporary or guest traveler (e.g. an interviewee) you don't need to set an email or password. You can assign the new traveler to a travel policy here (recommended) or via Travel Policy (more info on that here). When you’re done, click Add


Step 5: After adding the new user you can edit their full profile including selecting their Travel Policy and Approver settings and Employee ID fields, selecting who the user can book for if the user is a Coordinator, add loyalty accounts, passport details, secure travel profiles, custom search locations and travel preferences, booking notifications and more -- filling these in now will save you time filling in details later when you book for these users. 

Note that new users are not automatically notified, you should instead share their new login information with them -- if you do that, they can fill in their personal profile information in Step 4 (loyalty accounts, secure travel profiles, search locations, preferences and booking notifications)!

Reminder: adding more than a couple users? It's easier to add users in batches, see the "How to batch upload users" article (link here).


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