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What Matters to Business Travelers? New AmTrav Survey Has Your Answers

What Matters to Business Travelers? New AmTrav Survey Has Your Answers

A new survey by AmTrav has taken the pulse of today’s travel managers and business travelers, providing unique insights into their mindsets. For one thing, not many business travelers are working out — only 2% deem on-site gyms a “must have” — while traveling for business.

While companies who use AmTrav have found “booking travel for others” easier in the past 10 years (at 55%), only 8% reported “adding and enforcing travel policies” has gotten any easier. Given that travel is the business expenditure that can most quickly run amok, an internal communications campaign strategy emphasizing employee buy-in and awareness on travel policies would be a prudent solution.

Airlines should take note, the top complaint lodged by business travelers at 62% was airline seat pitch and legroom. Business travelers were frustrated that preferred vendors took precedence over more convenient vendors (16%) and 15% reported dissatisfaction with loyalty programs providing less value.

In terms of business traveler “must-have” requests, top on the list was having their hotel accommodations in close proximity to their client or meeting, at 56%. The second most cited demand was inflight Wi-Fi at 28%. Only 8% cited “hotel safety” as a must-have, which could indicate that travel managers are automatically booking safe hotels.  A complete list of survey results can be found below:


In the past 10 years, which aspect of managing travel has become easier?

Booking travel for others 55%
Live travel agent support 15%
Tracking travelers 14%
Adding and enforcing travel policies 8%
Modifying travel plan 7%
Other 1%


What’s the top complaint from your colleagues about traveling for business?

Airline seat pitch and legroom 62%
Preferred vendors taking precedence over more convenient vendors 16%
Loyalty programs providing less value 15%
Slow WiFi 4%
Strict meals and entertainment policy 1%
Other 2%


What’s the most requested travel must-have?

Accommodations in close proximity to client or meeting 56%
Inflight WiFi 28%
Hotel safety 8%
Trip extension possibility for leisure 4%
On-site gym 2%
Other 2%
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