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The Real ID Act and What It Means for You

As business travelers, we know you travel a lot. And if you travel a lot, you’ve definitely seen the signs for REAL ID compliant IDs complete with a looming deadline. You’re probably wondering...

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15-Inch MacBook Pro Laptop Ban: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

When traveling for business, chances are you have a laptop or tablet in tow. For business travelers and even some leisure travelers, having a laptop or tablet not only makes the time in-flight...

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Traveling During Hurricane Season? Here’s What You Need to Know

The 2019 hurricane season is in full swing. Storms are already wreaking havoc with Hurricane Dorian barreling down on the coast last week and several new tropical storms brewing out in the ocean....

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It’s “Watch What Happens Live” not “Watch What Happens DELAYED…”

Yesterday started out business as usual on a Chicago summertime Tuesday. The skies were blue, birds were chirping, and GBTA meetings were off to a great start. Lunchtime rolled around and...

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Policy Change is Long Overdue for In-Flight Sexual Harassment

In recent years the viral #metoo hashtag has stolen the spotlight and garnered international attention, starting a much overdue conversation. This hashtag turned into an important movement and has...

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Boeing Completes Software Updates for the 737 Max

Over two months after the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max jet due to its involvement in two fatal crashes, there seems to be an end in sight for Boeing and travelers alike. Boeing has finally...

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Amtrav Bolsters Its Management Team by Adding Industry Veteran Ana Dawson as Vice President of Client Services

We are proud to announce today that Ana Dawson has joined the AmTrav team as Vice President of Client Services. A veteran in the corporate travel industry, Ana brings decades of experience making...

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As Airlines Pay More At The Pump, Travelers Must Pop for Luggage

Updated on 9/25/18:

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Let’s Talk Talc: New TSA Rules on Packing Powder

We get it. A little talc on the toes goes a long way towards comfort when your FitBit says you’re putting 10 miles on your feet, walking your industry’s biggest tradeshow of the year. Given the...

Travel Tips business travelers In The News On the Road

Understanding Travel Documents: What are eTAs, Who Needs Them, and for Which Countries?

In November of 2016, Canada began enforcing a new program that has caught many travelers off guard, including one U.K. comedian who missed his performance because he didn’t have an eTA, or...

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