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Traveling During Hurricane Season? Here’s What You Need to Know

Traveling During Hurricane Season? Here’s What You Need to Know

The 2019 hurricane season is in full swing. Storms are already wreaking havoc with Hurricane Dorian barreling down on the coast last week and several new tropical storms brewing out in the ocean. Hurricane season is from June 1st through the end of November and given the increase in the number of hurricanes we’ve been seeing and the potential hurricane activity still to come due to the end of the El Nino this past August, there is no time like the present to brush up on your travel knowledge so that you are prepared if your travel plans are interrupted by inclement weather and storms with strange names.

There is good news! While traveling during hurricane season may create some anxiety for inexperienced travelers, experienced business and leisure travelers will know that there actually are some benefits to traveling during hurricane season. 

Find reduced fares and fewer people. One of the major benefits to traveling during hurricane season is that it is often a time at which you can find reduced fares. Although business travel doesn’t always give you the freedom of choosing when you travel, the lower costs are always a benefit when looking at the annual travel budget. Additionally, as some travelers are wary of traveling during this time, those taking advantage of low fares may also find themselves dealing with fewer crowds as well. 

Take the steps to be prepared. Though you hopefully never have to travel before, during, or after a hurricane hits, even strong storms can wreak havoc on travelers. Bring spare batteries and keep them charged in the event of power loss. Travel light — with the possibility of delayed, cancelled and rescheduled flights, not having checked a bag and only having a carry-on will certainly be a stress reliever as it is one less thing to worry about. Additionally, cash will be king if you are faced with a loss of power or access to credit card machines, so be sure to have some emergency cash with you while you travel. There is no need to bring the whole bank, but having enough to get by will be important.  When traveling during hurricane season, it certainly helps to be prepared. 

You won’t be taken by surprise. Ultimately, hurricanes are predictable storms that can be tracked with their path reasonably estimated, and the National Hurricane Center can provide updated information on storms that may affect your travel. Travel management companies that focus on providing 24/7 travel assistance like AmTrav will be proactive in communicating with their customers and will likely be watching news put out by the NHC, as well as other local forecasts. Keeping travelers apprised of changing conditions, cancelled or delayed flights, etc., are the main reasons why people and businesses choose to use a travel management company as it takes the hassle and stress out of traveling. You may decide to download your own weather apps to stay updated, but no matter how you slice it, you should have access to enough information about any looming storms or hurricanes to be prepared. Armed with this knowledge, you should have plenty of time to make alternative plans if necessary. 

Get travel insurance before it’s too late. If you wait too long — meaning a tropical storm has been named — and you don’t have travel insurance, you will be ineligible to get it. Insurance only works if you have it before you need it. This means that if you do not have travel insurance and your trip is interrupted by a hurricane, you will likely not be reimbursed. Typically, if you are travelling for business, and your company uses a travel management company like AmTrav, you will be provided with information on how to obtain travel insurance in plenty of time to secure it in advance. It is highly recommended that you obtain travel insurance when traveling during peak hurricane season. 

Travel management companies makes travel easier. If your business isn’t currently using a travel management company but is interested in learning more, reach out to us here at AmTrav. We’re happy to explain how we can make travelling better for your business. 

Written by: Stephanie I.