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All About United Airlines PerksPlus

All About United Airlines PerksPlus

United PerksPlus is a corporate rewards program that earns companies PerksPlus credits that can pay for perks. When your company signs up for PerksPlus and earns points on every dollar spent with United, you can pay for benefits like free award flights, MileagePlus Premier Status and United Club passes using PerksPlus points!

What is United Airlines PerksPlus?

The PerksPlus corporate rewards program earns PerksPlus points for companies with every dollar their travelers spend on United airfare. While PerksPlus does not include any discounts on United airfare, PerksPlus points can be redeemed for a variety of upgrades, benefits and other money-saving perks. Keep reading for more on how you can earn and use PerksPlus points.

How does my company qualify for United Airlines PerksPlus?

Qualifying for PerksPlus is incredibly easy: any company with a U.S. tax ID, at least five employees and spending $5,000 a year on United airfare will qualify -- that's about one United economy ticket per month. No commitment, no obligation. Not to be too direct, but there's really no reason not to enroll in PerksPlus and earn United benefits.

Pro tip: what if you spend more than $50,000 on United and would like to access discounted airfare? Check out United PassPlus, which offers fare discounts for corporate accounts that spend more than $50,000 on United annually.

How does my company earn PerksPlus points?

Companies enrolled in PerksPlus earn PerksPlus points on every dollar their travelers spend on United airfare (excluding taxes and fees), earning between one and six points per dollar. Relatively cheap fares on itineraries originating from United hubs (Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, Washington) earn one point per dollar, more expensive fares on itineraries originating from United hubs earn two or three points per dollar. Relatively cheap fares on itineraries originating from non-United hubs (anywhere that's not one of the listed cities above) earn two points per dollar, and more expensive fares earn four or six points per dollar.

Why the different earnings for itineraries originating in United hub cities vs. non-United hub cities? United has more flight options in its hubs than in non-hub cities, so United PerksPlus rewards you for picking United instead of a competitor when you fly out of a non-hub city, even though there are fewer United flights than competitor flights.

Want an example of PerksPlus earning? Say your employee books a $350 roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Boston, of which $300 is fare and $50 is tax. That $300 fare in a relatively cheap fare originating from a United hub earns one point per dollar, or 300 points. In contrast, say your CEO books an expensive $1100 last-minute first class ticket from Boston to Chicago, $1000 fare and $100 tax. That expensive $1000 fare originating from a non-United hub earns six points per dollar, or 6000 points.

What is PerksPlus Navigator?

PerksPlus Navigator is a special program that earns 15% more PerksPlus points for companies spending more than $400,000 in PerksPlus. In addition to earning additional points, PerksPlus Navigator companies can redeem their PerksPlus points for MileagePlus Premier Platinum status for travelers.

What can I use PerksPlus points for?

You can redeem PerksPlus points for:

  • free award tickets on United
  • United MileagePlus Premier Silver or Gold status for some of your travelers (Premier status means they get free premium cabin upgrades, free extra-legroom United Economy Plus seats and two free checked bags, priority check-in, security lanes and priority boarding, and more)
  • United Club memberships for some of your travelers or one-time United Club passes
  • MileagePlus points, converted at a ratio of two PerksPlus points to one MileagePlus mile, that can be redeemed for United award travel, cabin upgrades, other travel spending and much, much more.

These are a lot of options for spending your PerksPlus points, it can be confusing. Check with AmTrav, our Relationship Managers are experts at helping you maximize your points  earnings and making the most of your companies' points when you redeem them!

How much do PerksPlus redemptions cost?

PerksPlus redemptions cost anywhere from 6,000 points for 20 United beverage vouchers up to 320,000 points for MileagePlus Premier Gold status and 600,000 for a roundtrip business class ticket to Asia. Free domestic economy tickets start at 45,000 points, domestic business class starts at 170,000 points, roundtrips to Hawaii start at 75,000 and longhaul international tickets start at 85,000 points.

To be honest the redemption prices (published here) are a little complex, one strategy to make the most of your PerksPlus earnings and redemption is to be strategic, targeting specific benefits you want. Need help with that? Reach out to AmTrav, we'd be glad to help you estimate your PerksPlus earnings and see what PerksPlus perks you could access!

How much can I save with United Airlines PerksPlus?

While United PerksPlus doesn't give your company any money-saving discounts on United fares, PerksPlus points can be used instead of cash to pay for flights -- instead of paying $300 for a flight, PerksPlus points can be redeemed to pay for that ticket and save your company $300.

How do I book with United PerksPlus earnings?

Every time your team searches and books United flights with AmTrav, AmTrav automatically applies your PerksPlus identifier to your bookings, enabling your team to earn PerksPlus points effortlessly. Want to steer your bookers to United so you earn more PerksPlus points? AmTrav allows you to mark United as a preferred supplier for your company, and allows you to steer bookers to United by requiring that they book preferred suppliers like United in your travel policy.

Easily earning PerksPlus points is just one way you can save with AmTrav, see all the ways AmTrav saves you time and money!

How do I sign up for PerksPlus?

If you've determined that United PerksPlus is the right program for your company and your company has spent at least $5,000 on United in the last 12 months, United has made it easy to sign up. Head over to United for Business to enroll your company.

Not sure if United PerksPlus is right for you? Check with AmTrav, an expert Relationship Manager will help you weigh your choices and pick the right programs for your company!

What's the difference between United PerksPlus and Propel?

United Propel is a corporate discount program that saves companies money with discounted airfare and has no pre-funding requirement, United PerksPlus is a corporate rewards program that earns companies credits that can pay for United perks.

United Propel offers airfare discounts ranging from 2% up to 6% on United Airlines and certain partner carriers' flights (specifically Lufthansa Group airlines, Air Canada and All Nippon Airways). United Propel does not require a pre-funded account and is available to clients that spend at least $250,000 annually on United. In addition to airfare discounts clients also receive at least $2,000 (up to $10,000, and maybe more) in United service funds that can be redeemed for seat and cabin upgrades, can purchase MileagePlus Premier status for your best travelers, offset United fees and more!

Spending at least $250,000 on United annually and you'd like to save on United flights? without a pre-funding commitment? Check out United Propel!

What's the difference between United PerksPlus and PassPlus?

United PassPlus is a prepaid discount program requiring small and midsize corporate or individual customers to pre-fund an account annually in exchange for airfare discounts, United PerksPlus is a corporate rewards program that earns companies credits that can pay for United perks.

United PassPlus pre-funded plans start at $50,000 spend for small and midsize companies and $10,000 for individual business travelers, customers can choose from percentage discounts on the prevailing rate and fixed fares with last-seat availability. In addition, PassPlus includes United MileagePlus Premier status for some of your travelers (which means access to free premium cabin upgrades, free extra-legroom United Economy Plus seats, priority check-in, priority security lanes, priority boarding, free checked bags and more) and United Club memberships for some of your travelers. Customers pre-fund PassPlus accounts every year via check, wire or credit card. Learn more about PassPlus.

Is United PerksPlus right for my company?

Find out now! Share four key details with AmTrav and an AmTrav corporate travel expert will get back to you within 24 hours with our recommendation!


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