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Business Travel Is Down but Highly Productive According to AmTrav Traveler Data

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Business travel is down in 2020 for reasons we all know well. Many businesses aren’t traveling at all for COVID safety and budgetary reasons. However, a portion of business travelers are on the road, often because their operations are essential businesses or rely on in-person, on-the-ground interaction for which there is no substitute. 

Earlier this year we rolled out traveler post-trip surveys and since then hundreds of AmTrav business travelers have responded, telling us about their recent travel experience and the productivity of their business trips. In this challenging time, would their trips be productive or would they be mired in protocols that hindered the purpose of their trips? We were curious to know either way and the results have intrigued us.

Over 400 travelers have told us about the productivity of their business trips taken in the last two months. Of these initial responses, 90.6% have rated their business trip highly productive and successful in accomplishing their objectives. Here’s the breakdown:

“How productive was your business trip? Did you accomplish your objectives?”

We are cognizant of the times and that business travel is, for good reason, limited right now. Still, as we advance our mission to drive your productivity - we’re encouraged to see that those of you on the road are getting the job done. 

To view the productivity of business trips for your organization, visit your AmTrav real-time reporting dashboard, and speak with your AmTrav relationship manager for tailored advice to optimize your business travel program.

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