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European Union Countries Will Welcome Vaccinated Americans This Summer

European Union Countries Will Welcome Vaccinated Americans This Summer

Now that fully vaccinated business travelers can travel freely in the U.S. without quarantines or negative COVID tests, many businesses are getting back to travel. But international travel is still largely on hold with a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. However, some good news came out of the E.U. this past weekend: fully vaccinated Americans will very soon be able to travel unrestricted to all E.U. countries. 

So far, the vaccination certifications that will be accepted are Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. There are still logistical problems that need to get worked out - mainly how American vaccination certificates will be verified for “proof” of immunity. 

Once this piece of the puzzle falls into the place (likely over the next couple of weeks), the E.U. will officially change its policy, making it possible for Americans to visit all 27 E.U. countries again. 

Some countries (like Greece) have already made moves to relax their own restrictions in advance. Greece will accept fully vaccinated American citizens starting this week. 

The E.U. did qualify this change in policy and it made it contingent “on the epidemiological situation” continuing to improve in both the United States and European countries. 

While many business travelers are just happy to get back out on the road, it’s welcome news that international travel might soon be a possibility again. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this policy change as we know more. And as always, if you need help booking a trip, using your unused tickets, or have any questions about post-pandemic travel, feel free to reach out to our team - we're always ready to help!