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Getting the hotel room and rate you need with AmTrav

Getting the hotel room and rate you need with AmTrav

Along with social distancing, face coverings, and meetings switching from in-person to virtual, one change that we’ve seen at AmTrav is an increase in hotel bookings relative to flight bookings. While many travelers simply aren’t traveling (we miss you!), travelers that are on the road are either staying longer on each trip or driving instead of flying.

That said, while we’ve made AmTrav’s flight shopping display more informative to save you time and made AmTrav’s unused airline ticket application easier to save you money, AmTrav’s hotels display has received less investment since it was rolled out in 2017 (except for adding COVID Clean hotel information this summer).

No more! This week we launched two new features in AmTrav’s hotel search:

First, once you select a hotel on the Hotel Results page, the new Select a Room page organizes rates by room type so you can compare rate attributes like refundability and free WiFi on the same room and find an in-policy room that meets your needs. We hope you’ll agree that this is a time-saving improvement over the old display of dozens of rooms and rates!


Second, about those rates. Previously AmTrav offered only pay-at-hotel rates that are well-suited to business travel. Many of these rates have your company’s or AmTrav’s negotiated discounts, allow easy changes and give the traveler loyalty points. But curious bookers sometimes search for lower rates on Hotels.com or Expedia (though those rates don’t earn loyalty points). In order to get travelers the rate they need, save bookers time searching on different sites and help you see all your travelers’ hotel trips and spend in AmTrav Travel Reports, we’ve added these Leisure Rates to AmTrav.
Learn more about Leisure Rates here.

We’re excited to drive your productivity by saving you time and money with this improved display and additional rates in our one connected platform. For more information about this new improvement, feel free to reach out to a member of our team!