Maximize Your Travel Program Savings in 2022

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What are the biggest opportunities to save your travel program money in 2022?

AmTrav's team crunched the data — nearly a billion airfares, tens of thousands of hotel rates and a thousand travel programs — to identify the five biggest savings opportunities for you. They are (drumroll!):

  1. Tuning up your travel policy and travel planning to fit your needs and encourage savings
  2. Save 10% on airfare with automatic unused ticket tracking and one-click redemption
  3. The United Airlines unused ticket refund program that clients used to get back more than $500K in 2021
  4. The right property- or chain-level hotel programs for your company
  5. Corporate negotiated car rental programs

We collected all this valuable information in our Travel Savings 2022 report, get the Report and start maximizing your savings today!

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