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Webinar: Hotels 101

Elliott McNamee | May 8, 2024

Thank you to hospitality expert Stephen Fitzgerald of Garner for joining us today to help us...

Webinar: Corporate Hotel Tech & Payments

Elliott McNamee | March 28, 2024

AmTrav was honored to host six providers who work hard every day to make corporate hotel payments...

AmTrav Upgrades Hotel Shopping

Elliott McNamee | December 5, 2023

What’s your ideal corporate travel tool?

Webinar - Maximizing Your Hotel Savings in 2024

Elliott McNamee | September 7, 2023

It's RFP season. And so we are here to talk about how to maximize your hotel savings in 2024, and...

Setting your 2023 Travel Budget

Elliott McNamee | November 21, 2022

This week AmTrav met with dozens of travel administrators on our 2023 Travel Forecast webinar,...

AmTrav and Marriott make virtual payments work better for customers

Elliott McNamee | October 12, 2022

Virtual cards provided by CSI and Conferma allow corporate customers to securely centralize payment...

Corporate Meetings Return to 2019 Levels

Elliott McNamee | August 8, 2022

There's a lot of good news for people who like meeting peers face-to-face, who enjoy an...

Coming Next Week: AmTrav Makes Planning Meetings Travel Easy

Elliott McNamee | April 26, 2022

As the COVID pandemic slowly recedes we’ve seen a return to meetings and events — and we couldn’t...

Maximize Your Travel Program Savings in 2022

Elliott McNamee | April 8, 2022

What are the biggest opportunities to save your travel program money in 2022?

Hilton Hotels Makes Daily Housekeeping Optional

Cassie Sclafani | July 12, 2021

Hilton is no longer offering daily housekeeping services. Starting last week, Hilton made their...

Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Next Hotel Stay

Jeff Klee | June 17, 2021

At the risk of boring you to death, I am going to talk a little about what happens “under the hood”...

AmTrav 2020 Product Recap (VIDEO)

Elliott McNamee | December 17, 2020

2020 didn't go as planned, but just like you, we adjusted. We continued building AmTrav's one...