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New & Improved: Printer-Friendly Trip Confirmations

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In late February we released a new trip confirmation email format. We lamented that our previous confirmation emails looked like they were from a different era, and not in the cool, retro, nostalgic kind of way. We were eager to show how we'd redesigned the confirmation emails for travelers and bookers, prominently displaying booking IDs, itinerary details and even flight amenities in a simple, intuitive format.

But then we heard from you: we missed something.

While the new confirmations were mobile friendly, they weren’t exactly printer-friendly. For all of the travel bookers who prepare PDF or printed itinerary packages for travelers, the printed confirmations ballooned from two pages to more than five pages. Since we’re in the business of making your lives easier, we knew we needed to fix this. 

Thanks to your feedback, we've corrected this printer-friendliness. You can test out this improved feature right here: click the "Print Itinerary" button to open a printer-ready itinerary confirmation in your web browser:


(Note: the example booking above didn’t have optional billing fields or the payment details, but rest assured that your optional billing fields and any charges will appear in your printer-friendly confirmation.)

As you may know, we take a different approach from most of our competitors and build our software ourselves. Our development team is constantly working to add new features to meet your needs, but sometimes we miss things. That's why we're always grateful when we get feedback, good or bad. So please keep it coming. We listen when you talk, and our ears are always open.

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