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One Stop Shop: New American Airlines Fares Available to AmTrav Customers

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As our CEO Jeff explained in December, his goal for AmTrav’s booking tool is to “show you all the fares being offered for every flight with enough pictures, details, and terms for you to know what you're getting so you can make an informed decision.” 

Today we took another step on Jeff’s mission by introducing American Airlines’ new Main Plus fares. When travelers select a Main Plus fare they can pick one of American’s Main Cabin Extra extra legroom seats on their flight with three or four extra inches of space, plus they get one free checked bag, priority boarding, better access to overhead bin space and complimentary beverages and snacks. 

American stated that the Main Plus fare "is the first step of something we've been building for quite a while," mentioning that in the future, corporate clients will be able to negotiate customized bundles tailored to their individual needs with products like extra legroom seating, included bags, prepaid Wi-Fi, lounge access and more.

Main Plus fares are available to AmTrav bookers through the same technology that AmTrav helped American launch in 2019, similar to the Southwest Airlines technology that AmTrav launched to give AmTrav customers access to the full range of Southwest fares and corporate benefits. Accessing these fares directly in AmTrav’s one connected platform saves your bookers and travelers from searching around different sites for travel, and means that your travel policy is applied so travelers pick itineraries that work for them and for your company.

AmTrav Administrators who want to offer Main Plus fares and include them in their travel policies can allow their bookers to select the amenities they need even faster. Interested in making your travelers’ trips easier and more comfortable with these new American fares? Contact your AmTrav Relationship Manager, they’re ready to help!

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