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by Cassie Sclafani, | on August 11, 2020

While your team begins to travel again and you’re faced with the task of creating a travel policy to keep your travelers safe, the AmTrav team is here to support …

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Travel PlanningTravel PolicyCOVID-19Covid Travel

by Cassie Sclafani, | on August 6, 2020

As a travel manager, you are likely facing tough questions, rapid change, and concerns about sending your travelers on the road. We want to provide a venue for these tough …

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Travel PolicyCOVID-19Ask Me Anything

by Shannon Marvin, | on August 3, 2020

There is a debate among those crafting COVID-era travel policies about what type of accommodation is safer right now -- traditional hotels or private home rentals. While there’s no definitive …

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Travel PolicyCorporate Travel PolicyHotelCOVID-19Covid TravelAirBnB

by Cassie Sclafani, | on May 20, 2019

The travel industry is changing at a rapid pace. Each day it feels like there are new developments in our ever-changing industry. With this comes the challenge for both travel …

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Travel PolicyAdministrative Professionals

by Cassie Sclafani, | on October 10, 2018

Guest post with contributions by our own Janet Conlon – Account Manager Are your employees traveling on your behalf in countries flagged as hot zones by the U.S. State Department? For …

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Account ManagementTravel PolicyAdministrative Professionals

by Cassie Sclafani, | on May 29, 2018

Guest post by our own Laura Pilla – Account Manager There is a new trendy term floating around the corporate travel world, one you might have even heard before: bleisure …

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Account ManagementTravel Policy

by Cassie Sclafani, | on April 24, 2018

Guest post with contributions by our own Liz Gnat – Account Manager If your company is actively recruiting employees from beyond your region, booking flights and hotel rooms for non-employees is …

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Account ManagementTravel PolicyImplementationAdministrative Professionals

by Cassie Sclafani, | on April 17, 2018

When you’re just starting out in business, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it as closely as possible. Since corporate travel can be a substantial piece of …

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ProcurementTravel PolicyAdministrative Professionals

by Cassie Sclafani, | on February 7, 2018

It’s important as an employer to understand the needs of employees. Naturally, the unique demands of the millennial generation are no exception. Defined as the those born between 1980 and …

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Business TravelerProcurementTravel PolicyAdministrative Professionals