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While Travelers Continue to Face Hundreds of Airline Cancellations, AmTrav Can Help

by Cassie Sclafani, on January 4, 2022

As the new year begins, so does business travel. Well, at least it’s supposed to. If you were traveling over the past couple of weeks, you might have seen the chaos: cancellations and delays, long lines of travelers waiting to talk to an airline rep, a lot of frustration. And you were probably happy that you weren’t one of those people because you work with AmTrav.

Staffing shortages due to the fast spread of Omicron and bad weather across the U.S. have caused airline carriers to cancel more than 19,000 U.S. flights since Christmas Eve. Hundreds of thousands of travelers have been impacted by the cancellations, causing an all too familiar chaos for both travelers and airlines. 

While cancellations are never fun, it’s where working with AmTrav comes in handy. If you’re on the road and your flight gets delayed or cancelled, don’t call the airline or get in any lines - call us. AmTrav has no hold times and our support team is available 24/7, so you can get help fast, at any hour. Not into talking on the phone? We feel you - you can text, email, or chat our support team too (or reach us via Microsoft Teams or Slack).

Our support is proactive, which means that we’ll reach out to you with flight disruption alerts 24/7 to keep you looped into what’s happening with your flight. So yes, that means you’ll likely know before your seatmate does that your connecting flight got cancelled. But wait! There’s more. AmTrav travel advisors will look after and proactively rebook your trips. So if that connecting flight gets cancelled mid-flight, you might already be rebooked by the time you land. If there’s no flights available, our team will get you booked into a hotel for the night and tackle your rebooking from there. Your seatmate will be very jealous. 

So while travelers across the country face flight cancellations, we’ve got your back. With AmTrav, there’s no airline holds, no airport lines, and no panic - just support. If you have any questions or find yourself in a travel jam, reach out and let us know how we can help.

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