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How We Use Your Feedback to Improve AmTrav

How We Use Your Feedback to Improve AmTrav

Have you ever responded to an AmTrav post-trip survey and wondered what happens with your feedback?

Every time a customer responds with a comment in the AmTrav post-trip survey a dozen AmTrav employees receive and read that feedback -- positive, neutral or negative. Positive feedback gets a “thank you!” and maybe an invite to review AmTrav on Google, negative gets a sincere “thank you for sharing with us” and follow up to find out and fix whatever went wrong.

There’s another kind of feedback we like: user suggestions that, because we build and can upgrade our own one connected platform, lead to technical improvements to the AmTrav a2b booking tool.

John M. going from northwest Indiana to northeast Arkansas booked a seven hour connecting flight itinerary (plus an hour of driving on each end), only later realizing that the eight hour drive would’ve been faster and easier. In his survey response he asked why AmTrav didn’t notify him of the drive time. Our development team said this enhancement would be pretty easy, so we now notify bookers when driving might be more efficient than flying or training, directly in AmTrav.

Note: the fly-vs.-drive feature works particularly well when you set your own search locations or company search locations in AmTrav, so we can give you door-to-door drive times.

Similarly Len L. flying from a remote European city to the U.S. unwittingly booked an itinerary with an overnight stay in New York’s JFK airport. He asked in the survey response why we didn’t warn him about that lengthy layover. While these long layovers don’t happen very often, we can understand how it affects customers in this situation so we added a flag on itineraries with lengthy or overnight layovers to help customers pick the best flights for their needs.

Some issues can be solved with enhancements, others are just bug fixes. One bug that Cam C. and Dylan G. helped us find was that, at a few Hertz locations, AmTrav booked customers who selected Standard Cars into Cargo Vans -- whoops! We discovered that the Hertz vehicle code had changed and got this fixed quickly.

And finally, we’ve highlighted the value of booking rental cars with your frequent renter’s number applied, but some rental companies don’t let you add a frequent renter number to bookings paid with a corporate direct bill. Long story short, when travelers like Rob B. report this we can set up work-arounds to help the customer get their renter’s number applied so they can quickly grab their car and go.

Suffice to say not every idea gets integrated into the AmTrav booking tool, but when a Traveler, Coordinator or Administrator highlights a way to make booking and traveling less stressful, less time-consuming or less expensive, we’re excited to hear it and will discuss it internally and respond. 

P.S. In addition to AmTrav employees checking your feedback ourselves, we also add it to the Trip Success Report in AmTrav Travel Reports so your company Administrator can monitor and act on it, too.

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