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Little Things that Drive Your Productivity

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First off – this is a silly blog post, don’t read it if you’re not up for a silly blog post written by a marketer who's spent too much time in the Knowledge Base this week.

Still here? Lovely!

So over the past week I’ve updated nearly 30 of AmTrav’s 80 Knowledge Base articles to keep them up-to-date with our updated manage pages. Spent hours updating those articles, trying to make sure the instructions, call-outs (is it "Add" or "Save" to commit your changes? Do we call them "Employee IDs" or "Traveler IDs?") and screenshots are accurate.*

It’s not the most fun part of my job, but it reminds me of what makes AmTrav special for our customers.

AmTrav runs on one connected platform. Update a travel policy, add an alert message in the a2b booking tool, add a new billing tag – it’s available immediately for bookings made online or offline, reflected in your Travel Reports. 

Need to shut down your travel program, adjust a travel policy at the CFO’s request, or just point out a new airline deal? With AmTrav you don’t have to open a ticket and wait two weeks, you can make the changes that you need immediately. Instantly. Now. Tell your boss “it’s done” – they’ll be pleasantly shocked and you’ll look great!

AmTrav is designed for you. A simple (but powerful!) and intuitive software & service platform that’s built specifically for today’s administrators and travelers to use and optimize their travel. It's not just supporting your Traveler IDs, company locations and  loyalty numbers – any travel company can do that. With AmTrav you can request and we can deliver a new feature so that (for example) you can find traveler Nathan who goes by Nate. AmTrav can make that change for you, like we just did.

And ready to help: besides having all-U.S.-based, all-employee Travel Advisors who are ready to help with the same expert support at midnight and at noon (via phone, text, chat, email and more!), we have a complete Knowledge Base to help you. It’s AmTrav's Knowledge Base, covering AmTrav's one connected platform that’s designed for you – not some third-party documentation covering a third-party tool.

All of this means that AmTrav drives your productivity: get the full value of your business travel by reducing obstacles, complexity and cost in getting places. Whether it’s finding the documentation you need in the Knowledge Base, getting ahold of an expert Travel Advisor or updating your travel program instantly, with AmTrav you get full control of your travel program, faster.

This is why we show up every day at AmTrav, from the developers and marketers to the Travel Advisors and Relationship Managers: to build the powerful AmTrav technology and service platform that makes administrators and travelers more productive and connected. And that's how we bring people together face-to-face and make business work better – because it’s personal.


*And I’m finally freaking done. Finally! Hours of my life that I’ll never get back!

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