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ADTRAV vs. AmTrav: what's the Difference?

ADTRAV vs. AmTrav: what's the Difference?

AmTrav and ADTRAV, two respected companies that help you book and manage your corporate travel, one with a T and the other with a D. But other than that one consonant, what's the difference? Let us explain.


The business travel agency basics:


What do AmTrav and ADTRAV do, and how do they do it?


AmTrav logo ADTRAV logo

AmTrav is a travel management company (TMC) and online booking tool (OBT) in one. Travelers can book and change any trip they need online in AmTrav or with AmTrav’s 24x7 all-employee Travel Advisors. And administrators get the policy controls and reports they need to run the travel program.

ADTRAV is a TMC that offers 24x7 in-house travel agent service for trip booking and changes, plus client consulting. ADTRAV partners with third parties to provide software for online booking (Concur Travel, Deem and GetThere), program administration and travel reporting.


Booking corporate travel:


The most common interaction for corporate travel bookers and travelers is booking travel, how do AmTrav and ADTRAV compare on corporate travel booking?


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AmTrav customers average 95% online adoption because AmTrav offers everything they need. Travelers get all itineraries, the lowest NDC fares, online one-click unused ticket application, built-in meetings and guest travel booking capabilities.

For online booking, ADTRAV customers hire a third party booking tool. ADTRAV is a Concur Elite Partner supporting Concur Travel, also supports Deem and GetThere. Travelers often can't book their trip online in that third-party booking tool, so they call or email ADTRAV travel agents to book.


AmTrav vs. Concur

AmTrav, Concur Travel, what's the difference? Check out the guide to find the right travel booking platform for your team.

AmTrav TOFU 2 Comparison Guide Cover


Changing your business trip:


20% of business travel trips are changed, how do AmTrav and ADTRAV make trip changes easy for your team?


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Travelers can change their whole trip at once online or in the AmTrav mobile app, including dates and destinations, with travel policy applied. Or they can reach AmTrav’s all-employee, all-U.S.-based Travel Advisors 24x7 via phone, email, chat, text, Teams or Slack.

ADTRAV travel agents are available 24x7 to help change trips via email and phone. Unfortunately most third-party booking tools don't support online trip changes for travelers, and ADTRAV doesn't currently offer live chat.


Corporate travel on the go:


Corporate travelers are on the road, they love their phones. What mobile capabilities do AmTrav and ADTRAV offer?


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The AmTrav app has the full suite of AmTrav capabilities, plus live chat and trips view. Everyone can book and change trips on the go, and administrators can approve trips, adjust the program and more from the app.

The ADTRAV app allows users to view current and past trips, receive itinerary updates, and see destination information. Users may be able to book trips in a separate Concur Travel, GetThere or Deem mobile app.


Apply corporate travel policy:


How easily can you set travel policies to guide your team to book itineraries that work for them and for your organization?


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Instantly set and update corporate travel policies yourself in AmTrav, or with your Relationship Manager’s help. Policies are automatically, clearly applied to both online and Advisor-assisted bookings to guide travelers. Likewise pre-trip approvals can be instantly configured, applied to online and Advisor bookings.

You can call on ADTRAV or your third party booking tool for help setting up travel policies and approvals in your booking tool. ADTRAV will separately update their travel agent instructions so that agent bookings have a similar policy applied.


Track your corporate travel data:


Seeing every dollar spent and keeping travelers safe are critical to corporate travel management.


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AmTrav delivers 25+ travel reports with accurate data on spend, policy compliance, CO2 emissions, unused tickets and travelers’ location in real time. AmTrav’s data is accurate with the latest bookings and changes made online and offline. AmTrav’s reports live in the same AmTrav booking site so administrators don’t need extra sites, logins or contracts. AmTrav also pushes the latest bookings and charges to duty of care and expense platforms for clients.

ADTRAV offers a RezDesk Travel Portal that links off to third-party booking tools, shows information like traveler profiles and unused tickets, and links to the RezIntel travel data platform. The RezIntel travel data platform pulls data from different sources and updates that data regularly. ADTRAV can also push data to duty of care providers ISOS and WorldAware.


Save money on corporate travel:


What kind of savings can AmTrav and ADTRAV deliver


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AmTrav clients save 40% on fees with 95% online booking adoption and 6% on airfare with one-click online unused ticket application. AmTrav clients are saving 13% with American Airlines’ lowest fares in 2024, plus 4% with United and more on Southwest. AmTrav Relationship Managers negotiate air, hotel and car rental discounts, helping clients like Avanos Medical maximize their supplier savings.

ADTRAV also offers client consulting to clients, helping them negotiate supplier agreements. Travel agents can apply unused tickets for clients over the phone or email, and ADTRAV partners with TRIPBAM for rate reshopping software.


who Do You Serve?


What types of clients do AmTrav and ADTRAV serve best?


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Medical companies like Avanos Medical, tech companies like HungerRush, and construction clients like Fischer Homes and Hi-Lite love AmTrav. Nonprofits, unions, medical and event companies like Etak and AE Ventures love AmTrav Gather, the modern solution for meeting and guest travel.

ADTRAV specializes in government, corporate and nonprofit travel, particularly those who want a separate third-party online booking tool like Concur Travel, Deem or GetThere, coupled with frequent offline agent service via phone or email.


Bottom line: who's best for your corporate travel program?


So, which is the right travel platform for you?


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Looking for a modern travel platform that you and your travelers will love? Check out an AmTrav demo video or schedule a consultation today!

Does ADTRAV paired with a third party booking tool sound like the right fit for you? Head to ADTRAV.com, they'd love to hear from you.


How can AmTrav help your business travel smarter?

Schedule time to talk with one of our travel experts.



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